RUMOR: Universal Close To Gaining Rights For LORD OF THE RINGS Attractions

RUMOR: Universal Close To Gaining Rights For LORD OF THE RINGS Attractions

Want to explore Middle Earth? Well you might just get the chance! A new report has surfaced that says the J.R.R. Tolkien Estate is close to a deal that would allow Universal studios the rights to make theme park rides based on The Lord Of The Rings.

Be prepared to take what you are about to hear with a grain of salt. Mainly because the Tolkien Estate has been very choosey when it comes to how the work of the late author has been used. With that said, Mice Chat is reporting that the Tolkien Estate is close to a deal with Universal that would allow them to create theme park attractions based of The Lord Of the Rings.

From Mice Chat:
We have recently learned that after a very long and protracted negotiation, Universal is very close to acquiring the rights to develop and produce attractions based on the successful Lord of the Rings franchise of films. This, along with the vast Harry Potter content, will give Universal a leg up on the worldwide theme park wars.

Right now Mice Chat is only speculating on what the attractions might be, individual rides, or an entire theme park devoted to Middle Earth. They also mention that the rides could find themselves in the Islands of Adventure park. Like stated earlier none of this is confirmed, so I wouldn't be booking a flight to Orlando quite yet. As soon as this is confirmed or debunked we will let you know.

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