SDCC '13: GODZILLA And WORLD OF WARCRAFT Footage Description From Legendary Panel

SDCC '13: GODZILLA And WORLD OF WARCRAFT Footage Description From Legendary Panel

Warner Bros. and Legendary Pictures have taken over Hall H, and as well as action-packed footage from Godzilla (in which the titular monster battles another unidentified giant creature), they've also shown a mood piece for Duncan Jones' big screen adaptation of World of Warcraft. Check it out!

Hall H at this year's San Diego Comic-Con is the place to be right now! Following the reveal of brand new footage from Godzilla was a mood piece (similar to the one shown last year for that movie) for Duncan Jones' World of Warcraft adaptation. He came out on stage to surprise those lucky enough to be in attendance and confirmed that production will begin early next year. Check out the descriptions below and be sure to sound off with your thoughts on all of this in the usual place!

Footage started in a desert environment. Slow build, seeing the desolation. The only hint of a sci-fi element is a green light in a circling cloud mass. We see a rugged man standing alone, takes a last drink of water, then pulls a big blade from his back. He's dressed almost like Mad Max except for the sword, which has a dragon's head overlapping the blade and the handle. He looks around and sees a long dead soldier, just bones in armor. The man sees something, approaches and pulls a shield with a lions head on it from the dusty earth, hefts its weight and then slams his sword into it, like he's ringing a bell. Something approaches, the camera pulls back and we're over the green shoulder of an Orc. In one take we see the orc in silhouette from the back and when we get to his right side a giant hammer raises into view and we get a gunslinger shot of the hammer kind of framing the rugged dude with the sword in the distance. They charge each other, the man raising his sword, the Orc raising his hammer. The Orc brings it down first and we get a POV shot of the Orc jumping up and bring the hammer down right on us.


Like Cloverfield on steroids. First half shows intimate moments, lots of action, emotion of people running through a world. Then it starts on an action scene of another 4-legged giant monster terrorizing a city. All of a sudden you see Godzilla walking in. A helicopter gets swatted and blows up half of an airport, all of a sudden the foot of Godzilla sets down. And all of a sudden there's a big roar. Final shot is a big, huge Godzilla standing up above the other monster, dwarfing it and the roar. Sounds perfect. Chills.

They just showed a Warcraft movie teaser. Footage of a human picking up a shield in a desolate world with green skies. Finally you hear an Orc, who comes in with his armor and hammer, and runs out and jumps for a PVP fight.

SOURCE: First Showing

The WB and Legendary logos in Black and white. Soldiers running through the streets. A flooded city. Cranston takes off a radiation suit. Olsen crying. Paratroopers leaping out of a plane. Missles being loaded. A massive kaiju beast that ISN'T Godzilla! It looks like a massively scaled insect with long spider legs. It's attacking a dock. Soldiers are fighting it. But a massive scaled foot comes down. It's Gozilla! He's HUGE. He makes the other creature look tiny and moves to attack it! We don't see his face yet, but it looks like the classic Godzilla! The footage cuts away to a "2014" logo. As far as the other creature, think a combination of the Cloverfield monster and a bug from Starship Troopers

A strange, alien desert with a growing green sky. A storm is coming in. A knight is standing there. He draws his sword.. There's a discarded suit of armor. He takes the shield from a skeleton. It's World of Warcraft! He's gearing up. Creatures are coming over the hills. We follow a camera on an Orc as it moves to take, moving faster and faster. Just as the Orc's blade comes down, it cuts to the logo!

SOURCE: Superhero Hype
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