Sylvester McCoy Might Be In The Hobbit, But Not As Bilbo Baggins

Sylvester McCoy Might Be In The Hobbit, But Not As Bilbo Baggins

Sylvester McCoy Might Be In <em>The Hobbit</em>, But Not As Bilbo Baggins

Bleeding Cool are reporting that the ex Dr Who is in talks for a role in the upcoming(we hope!) prequel to Lord Of The Rings, but not as the titular Hobbit..

The Hobbit has really gone through the ringer. Fans have been left wondering if the movies(2 are planned) will even get off the starting blocks since original director Gullermo Del Toro left and hasn't yet been replaced. Although it loosk like Peter Jackson will step in, nothing has been confirmed

But now at least we are starting to get word on a potential cast. It was already rumored that Sylvester McCoy was up for the lead role of Bilbo Baggins, but now Bleeding Cool report that although he is in talks, its for a much smaller part..

This afternoon we’ve been told by a 100% trustworthy source close to the situation that McCoy is in line for the role of Radagast the Brown. For a bit of context, Radagast is a wizard who, in The Fellowship of the Ring, unwittingly lures his ally, Gandalf, into a trap set by Saruman.

I remember Radagast from the books. He's one of the five Istari(Wizards) and is supposed to be the one thats down with nature, kind of like Middle Earth's Dr Doolittle. He is mentioned twice, and appears literally once in the actual story as he passes Gandalf on the road. So I assume that if this is accurate that the role has been significantly beefed up.

Aside from McCoy all we know is that Ian McKellen will return as Gandalf, and both Hugo Weaving and Andy Serkis are expected to join him as Elrond and Gollum..that is if it ever actually shoots of course!

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