THE HOBBIT: Smaug WILL Appear In The First Movie

THE HOBBIT: Smaug WILL Appear In The First Movie

Not only has Peter Jackson confirmed that the dragon - who will be voiced by Benedict Cumberbatch - will make a "fleeting" appearance in An Unexpected Journey, but revealed plenty of other juicy spoilers and tidbits in this month's issue of Empire as well..

This month's issue of Empire magazine is jam packed with Hobbity goodness, with over 60 pages dedicated to Peter Jackson's return to Middle Earth. There are lots of interviews, trivia, and of course SPOILERS. Here we have what would seem to be the most interesting revelations from the mag.

Apparently Smaug the dragon will indeed appear in the first movie. Jackson says he will make a "fleeting appearance" in the prologue, and that he will "remain as liquid tongued as the book's memorable villain (he is a character not a monster).". The director also reveals that the Mirkwood spider scenes have now been moved to film two, and that the creepy arachnids will speak, but only as a "psychic communication", which only Bilbo can hear. Possibly the most exciting revelation, at least for fans hoping that the Necromancer - an incarnation of Sauron, only mentioned briefly in the novel - would make an appearance, is the news that scenes in his dark stronghold of Dol Gulder will indeed be included in the second movie, The Desolation Of Smaug. Sylvester McCoy (Radagast) teases the Wizards teaming up to take on the mysterious enemy, mentioning a scene "where the wizards are together, battling not each other but some other evil.".

There is plenty more reading in the mag, so be sure to pick up the new issue of Empire, available now.

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