Toho’s 2016 GODZILLA Reboot Gets A Working Title

Toho’s 2016 GODZILLA Reboot Gets A Working Title

Toho’s 2016 GODZILLA Reboot Gets A Working Title

With Toho’s Godzilla 2016 just starting up its first week of filming, a flyer was found in Tokyo that seemingly revealed the film’s working title! After reading it, you’ll definitely see that Toho is trying to outdo/compete with Legendary’s Godzilla franchise. Hit the jump to check it out!

Toho hasn’t produced a Godzilla film since back in 2004, when Godzilla: Final Wars was released in theaters. On top of that America hasn’t created a good Godzilla film until the release of Gareth Edwards’ epic 2014 Godzilla film. However, as you should know, it was previously announced that Toho will produce its first Godzilla film in 12 years, and it will hit theaters in 2016.

Now, if you look at it, you’d think that Toho is making this Godzilla film to get some cash, but according TOHO themselves, the competition is on! "The time has come to make a film that will not bow down to the Hollywood film.” Clearly, after watching Edwards’ version of Godzilla, TOHO felt as though they had something to prove.

Now, many details surfaced that said Toho’s new Godzilla will be the largest Godzilla ever, and resemble the first ever Godzilla made in 1954. However, even though that might be true, Toho’s admits that they can’t match $200 million Hollywood-size budget. Although they can’t do that, it is said that they will still create a film that won’t disappoint.

With Toho’s Godzilla reboot just beginning to film now in Tokyo, Gormaru Island reports that a flyer was found that reveals the film will be shooting at Kamata Railway Station in Tokyo. Without further ado, the flyer also seemingly revealed the film’s working titled which is Shin Gojira! What does that mean? According to translations, it says New Godzilla or True Godzilla (indicating that Toho’s Godzilla is the one and only king of monsters).

Even though Toho has their sights set on making a film better than any America Godzilla film, they have a lot of competition ahead of them! Solely Gareth Edwards’ 2018 Godzilla sequel! I should also add that, that sequel film will feature Motha, Rodan, and King Ghidorah! 

Whatever details are revealed regarding ANY Godzilla film, you can be sure to check out for all the latest updates! Sound off below with your thoughts!
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