TWILIGHT Star Kellan Lutz On How His Take On HERCULES Differs To That Of The Rock

TWILIGHT Star Kellan Lutz On How His Take On HERCULES Differs To That Of The Rock

There are two movies featuring Hercules coming out in 2014. Renny Harlin's Hercules 3D and Brett Ratner's Hercules. In the following interview, Kellan Lutz talks about how his take on the character will differ to that of Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson's.

It's fair to say that of the two Hercules movies coming out in 2014, the one starring Dawyne "The Rock" Johnson is far more appealing than the 3D version which will feature Twilight's Kellan Lutz taking on the title role. However, with the director of Die Hard 2 at the helm, it does stand a chance of giving Brett Ratner's take on the iconic hero a run for its money. Talking to Crave Online recently, here's what the actor had to say about how he feels his version differs to that of The Rock's and also his costume and whether his Hercules will have any "mythological powers" at his disposal.

"No, no, and I love The Rock. I grew up watching wrestling. He’s such a great actor. I wish them the best. They have a great cast but the story is completely different. He’s much older and our Hercules is the man’s journey from him being a boy to a man, and it’s very real and human. Our character goes through being lovestruck and then heartbroken and then anguish and loneliness, sadness and remorse. It’s really a story about a man, a man and the journey to get back to his love. So it’s not a man with super powers. A man not understanding the strengths that he does have and he’s in denial because he doesn’t believe in gods at first and doesn’t believe that he’s the son of Zeus and just really feels rejected by who he thinks is his father. It’s just really going through the story of what a normal boy would go through and the situation that he’s forced into.

"You know what, I wish I had the long blonde locks. I was really fighting for that just because I always envisioned Hercules as that but we have so many fight scenes that are beyond epic. And riding a horse, if it’s not your natural hair, it’d be a lot of work and we don’t have time for that. So my look’s just, I have short hair in this. It’s very cropped and manly. Well, even Renny [Harlin] himself, he’s like, “Kellan, I don’t want you getting bigger. Just get your abs to pop more.” I’m like, “All right, cool.” And I like being bigger. Even I saw Hercules as this giant guy, but the powers that he harnesses, it’s not like he’s throwing bears into the sky or really fighting off any of the monsters like Clash of the Titans or anything like that. It’s really just Gladiator pretty much."

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