Two Possible Titles For THE HOBBIT: PART 3 Registered

Two Possible Titles For THE HOBBIT: PART 3 Registered

Hot off the heels of Peter Jackson confirming that a third Hobbit film will be released, some domain purchases may reveal two possible titles for the fantasy movie. Check them out after the jump.

Earlier today, it was confirmed by director Peter Jackson that a third film based on The Hobbit is in the works, and a summer 2014 release is being eyed. Now, Fusible has found the following domain purchases which may reveal two possible titles for the third movie in the Hobbit trilogy. MarkMonitor - who previously managed the domains for and - have purchased several domains last week. Below are the domains:

So it looks like The Hobbit: Part 3 may be titled The Hobbit: Riddles In The Dark or The Hobbit: The Desolation Of Smaug. The former is a title of one of the chapters in The Hobbit novel, while the latter refers to the lair of Smaug (played by Benedict Cumberbatch). Especially as the chapter "Riddles In The Dark" takes place during the narrative span of An Unexpected Journey, it's certainly possible that these titles are not for the movie at all; perhaps they may have been purchased for a marketing viral or a tie-in of some sort.

Expect an announcement to be made within the next few months. In the mean time, check out An Unexpected Journey in theaters December 14th, while There And Back Again is slated for a December 13th, 2013 release.

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