Voice Actor For Smaug The Dragon In The Hobbit Revealed

Voice Actor For Smaug The Dragon In <i>The Hobbit</i> Revealed

Hot on the heels of the news on who will play Bard, Deadline have another scoop on who will voice the villain of The Hobbit, Smaug The Golden..

People thought it might be Ron Pearlman when Guillermo Del Toro was involved, then rumors of Bill Nighy hit, but now Deadline reveal that the actor voicing the Dragon Smaug in Peter Jackson's Hobbit movies is Benedict Cumberbatch..

After reporting today that Luke Evans will play Bard in the Peter Jackson-directed The Hobbit and wondering who'll voice the dragon Smaug, Deadline can now tell you that it will be Benedict Cumberbatch. He'll portray Smaug via motion capture. He is already on the picture, providing the voice of the character Necromancer.

So we have this dude on Dragon and Dark Lord duty! Cumberbatch may be a relatively new..and unusual name for many on CBM but the actor is making waves, already nailing down supporting performances in the Steven Spielberg-directed War Horse and Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy.

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