Watch as NBC's Community Takes 3 Seasons to Complete Beetlejuice Joke

Watch as NBC's <em>Community</em> Takes 3 Seasons to Complete <em>Beetlejuice</em> Joke

If you're a fan of Tim Burton's 1988 classic then you understand why it took NBC's Community three seasons to pull off their Beetlejuice gag, and it was well worth it.

The last couple of weeks haven't been great for fans of NBC's Community. The cult comedy hasn't exactly been a darling in the ratings, and the station has pulled the show from the air, putting them in the dreaded hiatus zone. Now don't be too alarmed, NBC has promised that the show has not been canceled, but if you're a loyal fan you might want to help promote it since NBC has done a lousy job of it. Now enjoy the video! By the way watch closely at the end or you'll miss it.

Also if you don't understand the joke, or don't know what Beetlejuice is, first you officially suck. Secondly, I'll be nice and fill in the blanks, in order to have the ghoulishly delightful character Beetlejuice appear it requires his name being said three times.

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