EXCLUSIVE: J.T. Krul On The Fathom And Soulfire Movie Adaptions

EXCLUSIVE: J.T. Krul On The Fathom And Soulfire Movie Adaptions

<font color="red">EXCLUSIVE:</font> J.T. Krul On The <em>Fathom</em> And <em>Soulfire</em> Movie Adaptions

J.T. Krul discusses the movie adaption of Fathom and whether Megan Fox is still attached to star, the movie plans for Soulfire, and next year's summer box office showdown between The Avengers and The Dark Knight Rises.

J.T. writes for DC on titles such as Teen Titans, Green Arrow and Captain Atom, but he also does excellent work for Aspen Comics; writing on titles such as Fathom, Soulfire and Mindfield. Listen below as I get an update on Fathom, whether Megan Fox is still attached to the project, and what he's currently reading in the comic world.

Interview Conducted By: Mark Julian

-Discusses the movie adaption of Fathom and if Megan Fox is still attached
-1:46 Updates the movie adaption of Soulfire, it's being produced by The Walking Dead producer Gale Anne Hurd
-3:01 On whether his Mindfield series will also be adapted into a film or TV show
-4:34 Reveals he's working on a novel
-6:33 On whether he's pro-traditional or pro-digital when it comes to reading comics
-8:36 Which comics he's following outside of his own work
-10:07 The character he'd love to write that he's never had the opportunity to before
-12:38 His choice next year between The Avengers and The Dark Knight Rises
-14:37 J.T. and I play a round of Rapid Fire

Be sure visit J.T. on Twitter @jtkrul and ask him any questions you may have about the new 52.

Click here for the prior interview where J.T. and I discussed his current run on Captain Atom.

J.T. Krul was born and raised in Michigan. He received a Bachelors Degree in Film and Video Production from Michigan State University.

Krul moved to Los Angeles, California in 1996, where he landed the job of production assistant on the TV show Seinfeld. He managed to move up the ladder, becoming the show's production coordinator in its last season.

J.T. Krul's first comic book work was at Marvel Comics, writing X-Men Unlimited and later, Spider-Man Unlimited. He subsequently went to work for Michael Turner's company, Aspen MLT, writing their flagship titles Fathom and Soulfire. He then launched a creator-owned comic book there called Mindfield, which debuted in 2010.

In 2008 Krul wrote Past Experience, a Heroes comic book story starring characters from the NBC TV series of the same name. That same year, he wrote the third book in the Joker's Asylum series of one-shots, which featured Poison Ivy.

Other books he has written for DC Comics include several issues of Teen Titans and Titans, including Blackest Night: Titans, the tie in to DC's 2009-10 "Blackest Night" crossover event. In 2009 Krul wrote Justice League: The Rise and Fall, and Justice League: The Rise of Arsenal and later took over the Green Arrow series with issue #31 (May 2010), with a storyline titled "The Fall of Green Arrow". After four issues a new volume of Green Arrow was launched with a new #1 with Krul writing. He also returned to Teen Titans as the main writer.

With the new DC Comics New 52 re-vamp in 2011, it was revealed that he would be writing Green Arrow and Captain Atom. But in October 2011, he then revealed that he would be leaving Green Arrow after issue 3, due to time pressures. But he will continue to write Captain Atom.

Krul has also written for Dynamite Entertainment's books, including Red Sonja and Highlander: Way of the Sword.

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