How to reboot: Ghost Rider

How to reboot: Ghost Rider

How I feel they should reboot, the Spirit of Vengeance.

No secret Ghost Rider is second to Spider-Man as my all time favorite superhero. That being said. I've been trying to think should they reboot it or come out with a third for a trilogy. For as much as I would love to see a Ghost Rider trilogy with Nicolas Cage (yes, I like his acting and some of his movies), a reboot is highly necessary. I was about nine or ten when the first came out and I loved it, I bought the extended cut and realized how crappy the theatrical version was. Then, we got a requel in the film, Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance. While at the time, I loved the film. It's not as good as I thought. Still, fairly decent though if you watch it with an open mind. That being also said, here is how I would reboot Ghost Rider for a "Spirit of Vengeance" trilogy.

Back to the basics

Yes, I would go back and revisit an origin. While, The Amazing Spider-Man, proved it can hurt or improve a film. I feel, Ghost Rider's mythology needs to be in a way rediscovered as well as being delved into some more. Everyone knows that, Johnny Blazes' dad died in a stunt accident and as a result, Mephisto came for his soul. Why not go back to the comics? Go back as far as Naomi abandoning Johnny and leaving him with his dad. After that, have Johnny move in with the Simpson family. Spend some time with the character. The Dark Knight trilogy and The Amazing Spider-Man (IMO) proved that if you spend some time with the character, the audience will grow to love him/her. Yes, I would keep Johnny Blaze and Dan Ketch fused as one character to make a stronger character for the audience to get to know. Also, I would have Roxanne Simpson be the way she is in the comics. Where, she is the reason that Mephisto couldn't take Johnny's soul.

Visit the lore

While yes, the first did take certain things from the lore while the requel was more loosely based on it. I would reboot it to be a supernatural/horror/straight up comicbook film. What I mean by straight up comicbook film is have it stick very closely to the comics like what they have done with the Marvel Cinematic Universe. That's another thing, this film would be back at Marvel Studios (not part of the shared universe). Out of all the superheroes and antiheroes created, I think Ghost Rider has the most interesting stories. I'm not saying the best. I'm saying most interesting and part of that is because he is such a unique superhero. He needs to be treated as such. The only problem I can think of when it comes to bringing him to the big screen is villains because he is such a powerful character. But, more on that later.

Type of Superhero flick

It should be "The Avengers" type fun with the supernatural elements as you would find in movies like "Sinister" or in the monster movies and it should have the horror of well, any scary movie you can think of. It needs to be fast paced, very character driven, superhero flick. I feel that, Ghost Rider needs to also be a very hard PG-13 movie. Due to the violent nature of the character. It needs to push the rating as far as it can go. Why not R? It's not necessary.


Here is where we would run into some trouble. Blackout, Blackheart, Scarecrow, Vengeance, Lilith, Deathwatch, Zodiak, Centruious and lesser known, weaker villains like The Orb, The Water Wizard and in most cases, Snowblind. If I were to redo Ghost Rider into a gritty, dark, violent, supernatural, character driven superhero trilogy. I would have the first films villains be: Scarecrow, Snowblind, Blackout and Deathwatch. I know what you're thinking "Holy shit! That's way too many villains." Maybe true but, think about it. I would have Scarecrow and Snowblind meet while at an Asylum, the two break out thanks to Deathwatch. Deathwatch would be the big man behind it all, Blackout would be his personal bodyguard and use him when needed most, while Scarecrow and Snowblind does his bidding. It may sound weak for an origin but for Ghost Rider, I think it's reasonable. It would be a loose adaptation in a way of the big Deathwatch storyline from the 90's. I can't honestly remember the name of the storyline but, I do remember at one point, Deathwatch collapses (I think) a hospital on the Rider. But, he survived anyways. It would be a loose adaptation of that with Scarecrow thrown into the mix and taking a moment from the comics where he kills a mother and her infant child. The second film would have Blackheart as the villain. Just Blackheart. Not the Mark Steven Johnson version either. It would end with Johnny sacrificing himself and end up killing himself and Blackheart at the same time. So, how would I be able to do a third and final film? Isn't it obvious?

Ghost Rider: Road to Damnation

That's right. I would end the trilogy with an adaptation of "Road to Damnation". I feel it would be a perfect trilogy ender. He races to the gates of hell every night to be set free, only to be stopped everytime by the worst demons in hell. He is summoned by Malachi and told that if he stopped Kazaan, a demon whom found a way to bring hell to the world, he would be set free from hell. But, he would end up having to encounter the archangel, Ruth and the demon, Hoss.

If you ask me, that would be a badass movie for a trilogy end. This trilogy would be unprecedented (sorry for the possible misspell) for two reasons: 1) No main superhero has ever been killed off before and 2) A superheros story wouldn't end on a good note. While yes, you could argue Blade from the Blade movies didn't end on a good note for the character because he has to continue to kill vampires. I would say this would be a first cause even though in the end, he succeeds in killing Kazaan, he still has to live in hell for an eternity because there is no escape.

Zarathos backstory

Yes, I know they did Zarathos' backstory in Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance. But honestly, how many non comicbook fans actually remember that scene? This reboot trilogy would be a chance to make Ghost Rider not only a true household name but, it could really make people understand the mythology of the character. Zarathos would be what he is in the comics. A demon who tortures and eats souls who eventually, is defeated by Mephisto and serves as his Spirit of Vengeance when attached to a human host. I would also include some more with the story of Mephisto that was in the game version of "Ghost Rider". He made a deal with Mephisto that he can keep his realm as long as he keeps earth clean of his demonic forces. Just to make it more interesting.

What do you think? Comment below and be as respectful as you can be.
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