GI Joe 2 Could See An Earlier Release Date

<I>GI Joe 2</i> Could See An Earlier Release Date

Star Trek 2, G.I JOE, and several other Paramount films could be released earlier than wanted

Deadline is reporting that the Star Trek 2 sequel is looking at possible delay. Slated for a June 29, 2012 release date, Star Trek could be pushed back to a holiday release date due to JJ Abrams currently obligations to his "Super 8" movie that is coming out next month. So what does this have to do with "G.I. Joe 2"? Well if Star Trek is pushed back, that leaves an open slot for Paramount to fill and the likely pick would be "G.I. Joe 2", since Paramount's contract with Marvel has ended, leaving no more major Marvel tent pole movies for them. Hopefully Paramount will have an announcement on these changes soon if they are going to be taking place with other studios eyeing that open slot now, Paramount can't wait too long.

"Don't be surprised if Paramount and Abrams push back six months at least. While Paramount doesn't have the Marvel movies anymore, the studio could slot its G.I. Joe sequel for that early-summer release (I've heard other studios are now eyeing that date, too). Unless Koepp does an amazing job quickly and gives the studio a Jack Ryan movie that's ready to go, Pine is still expected to shoot Star Trek first. According to the studio, nothing falls into place until Abrams declares his intention for the Trek sequel"
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