G.I. Joe: Resolute Review

<em>G.I. Joe: Resolute</em> Review

Can the cartoon compare to the big budget silver screen adaptation?

-----------------------------May Contain Spoilers-------------------------------

To answer the above teaser question, yes it most certainly can. A quick synopsis of the cartoon: G.I. Joe has completely wiped out Cobra and Cobra Island has been decommissioned, or has it? Silos randomly start popping up everywhere shooting satellites into the stratosphere which can produce from an unknown source a beam that can destroy a city in a matter of seconds. Cobra Commander reprises his role as the head honcho with a bad ass sword demanding control of all major countries within 24 hours. It's up to the Joes to kick Cobra's ass and bring freedom back to the world.

Now to the specifics of this movie:

Animation: I was very surprised to see how well everything was animated. The movements, expressions, explosions, and the small touches of CGI really made this a stand alone animated film.

Sound FX: No lasers in this one, you actually hear bullets! And the rest of the sound was spot on, nothing seemed out of place.

Voice Acting: Absolutely perfect, everyone sounded the part, Road Block didn't rhyme all the time (see what I did there?) but he was an ultimate bad ass. Cobra Commander had the most noticeable change in voice, but for the better. It was raspy but deeper, not comical deeper though. Oh and the Baroness was actually Russian.

Action: This movie extends beyond everything The Rise of Cobra attempted, the action was insane! The Snake Eyes/Storm Shadow show down was the most intense I've seen, and be careful about watching this movie with the kids, it's quiet graphic for G.I. Joe. Quite a bit of blood (not "Ninja Assassin," but still more than anything ever produced with the Joes).


As a whole the movie feels like multiple episodes just spliced together for an hour long awesome fest. Which it basically is, not necessarily a bad thing, it gave me that nostalgic feeling watching the old cartoon in the 80's growing up. My only complaint about this movie is that they could have added more characters like the B.A.T.'s but really it's not that big of a deal. If you're a G.I. Joe fan this is a MUST HAVE! I cannot fully express how great this movie is, it gives you everything you want and major characters do die. This deserves and earns the spot to the original "G.I. Joe: The Movie." The extras on the DVD are also a nice touch, with an up to date G.I. Joe P.S.A. which had me laughing hard.


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