Lorenzo Di Bonaventura On What He Wants To See In A Third G.I. JOE Movie

Lorenzo Di Bonaventura On What He Wants To See In A Third G.I. JOE Movie

The producer of Paramount's G.I. Joe franchise shares his thoughts on the recently confirmed follow-up to Retaliation, and gives his ideas for what he would want to see in a threequel.

With the impressive opening of G.I. Joe: Retaliation this past weekend, it was immediately confirmed that a third film in the Hasbro action franchise was in development at Paramount, and that it will most likely be in 3D. Shortly beforehand, however, Collider spoke to producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura on the press junket for Retaliation and asked him about a possible third Joe installment. While he says that they haven't considered a follow-up yet, he expresses interest in bringing in more ninjas and more character-based scenes. For the full interview, click the source link below.

"We haven’t spent any time considering what the next movie is. There are elements we’re really excited about. I’d like to do more ninja story. That’s really fun, and I think the mythology will support some really cool things. You know, I was a really huge fan of the TV show Combat! as a kid, and there’s an intimacy the show had because their budget demanded it — it’s always a bunch of guys and they’re going down a ditch. I’d like us to do some of that kind of stuff where you’re really on an intimate level. ‘Surprising’ isn’t the right word, but ‘gratifying’ how Dwayne and Channing’s ‘home scenes’, if you would, they’re not buddy scenes but they translated that way somehow. So they’re basic character scenes, and they’re domesticated scenes. How well that played in the scale of what we’re trying to do. I’d like to see more of that."

You can see G.I. Joe: Retaliation in theaters now. What would you like to see in a third movie?

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