SET PICS: Bloody Sexy Sienna Miller in G.I. Joe Movie

Our friends from the Emerald Isles have sent over some new pics from the G.I. Joe movie showing "The Baroness" as a battle-damaged babe.

I've been fond of tight-leather outfits ever since Underworld. Well, move over Kate Beckinsale! Take a gander at Sienna Miller on the set of G.I. Joe. But wait! What's this? The poor thing is bleeding from what looks like a bonk on the head. Oh well, it doesn't spoil the fun if you like your women rough and tough.

What is it with British babes and tight leather? I dunno, but I like the trend. While we're hearing a lot of negative criticism about the G.I. Joe movie from the fans, I'm sure tons of red-blooded boys will be going just to see Sienna.
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