UPDATED GI Joe 2 To Film By Years End

UPDATED GI Joe 2 To Film By Years End

<FONT COLOR="FF0000">UPDATED</FONT> <em>GI Joe 2</em> To Film By Years End

A Korean news source has stated that Byung-Hun Lee (Storm Shadow) will begin filming the sequel to GI Joke as soon as the end of the year and into 2010. Dennis Quaid also gives us his feelings on a return for General Hawk...

Clearly being run thorough with a sword and plunged into freezing waters wasn't enough to stop oul Storm Shadow! Then again, that was some kind of freakish water. I mean if Ice sinks in it maybe it also restores life or something.

Nate.news.com had the news of his management's annoucement in Korean, translated here.

"Top star Lee Byeong-Heon is in the new Hollywood film, "G.I. Joe 2"!

He will be starting the filming by the end of this year and has been contracted for the 3rd sequel, also!

Now, he is busy with the drama filming, "IRIS" and its promotions overseas. Most of his time starting next year will be send in Hollywood!

Good luck Lee Byeong-Heon!"

Good luck indeed. Lee was one of the (few) highlights in that piece of crap though, so I guess its good news that he is returning. For those of you that will be going to see it anyway:)

UPDATE Worst Previews have a few words from Dennis Quaid about returning as General Hawk for the sequel..

"I'm definitely on board if they do another one," he said. "I don't know if they have a script yet, but I'm definitely interested."

Quaid did have one request if he were to appear in the sequel. "I want to get out of the pit," he said. "I want to ride a horse and shoot a gun. I want a horse with an accelerator suit."

Don't worry Dennis, I'm sure Stephen Sommers wouldn't have a problem with that at all, in fact its probably already crossed his mind.
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