Alison Mack Comments Briefly On The Chances Of Appearing In ARROW

Alison Mack Comments Briefly On The Chances Of Appearing In ARROW

Smallville actress Alison Mack (Chloe Sullivan) reveals that she would consider reprising her role in Arrow if the CW were to come up with the right storyline, although thankfully goes on to reveal she's not that keen on the idea.

Chloe Sullivan was a new creation for the Smallville universe, but her presence in the show would eventually leave most fans feeling positively hateful towards the character. While Alison Mack didn't do too terrible a job, Chloe's dreadful pop culture quips and idiotic storylines (she went from a college drop-out to a tech genius with incredible weaponry and fighting skills who controlled "The League"'s Watchtower) were one of the worst parts of a show which rapidly went downhill during its final few years.

One of those storylines included a relationship with Justin Hartely's Oliver Queen/Green Arrow, and while the new CW series starring Stephen Amell as the DC superhero will have no links to the Smallville universe, TV Guide recently asked her whether she would consider reprising the role. "You know, no one's talked to me about that. I'm not sure. It would have to be a really great part and a really great storyline for me to do something like that, because at this point I'm looking forward and so the idea of revisiting a character that I've put to rest is not necessarily the thing that's most exciting in the front of my mind. But I never say never."

Would you like to see Chloe Sullivan (or Alison Mack in another role) appear in Arrow? Really?! Sound off with your thoughts in the usual place.

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