ARROW's Stephen Amell Teases Next Year's Spin-Off & TMNT 2's 'Casey Jones'

ARROW's Stephen Amell Teases Next Year's Spin-Off & TMNT 2's 'Casey Jones'

Stephen Amell held an interesting little Q&A session at the Vancouver Fan Expo this weekend, and while the Arrow star did tease a few details about his hit show, the hot topic was always going to be his recent casting in Paramount's Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles sequel...

Stephen Amell appears to have quite a lot on his plate right now. His hit CW show Arrow is heading full speed towards its Season 3 finale in May, while he's also just been cast as fan-favorite vigilante Casey Jones in David Green's Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles sequel. That didn't stop him from sitting down for a Q&A at the Vancouver Fan Expo this weekend, where he was able to express his excitement about the new role - and compare Mr. Jones to Mr. Queen:

“Obviously the similarities are right there on the surface, but if the audition process and the script is any indication [Casey Jones] is going to be fundamentally different [from The Arrow]. As a matter of fact, it’s almost like the character of Casey Jones in this iteration of Ninja Turtles is almost a little bit more like the Oliver Queen that people know from the older comic books.”

Fans on the fence about Amell's casting may be pleased to hear this, especially given Oliver's penchant for being a little too serious at times on Arrow. Conversation then turned to The CW's shared superhero universe - including the much talked about spin-off show, due to debut next year. When asked about these developments, Amell teased even more connectivity in the future...

“I would imagine that I would be appearing on all three shows. I would imagine that we will be sprinkling characters in… I know that there is a plan for one character, who originated on Arrow and is not one of the main characters on the new spin-off, to hover between all three shows – and that will be their job, so to speak. You’ll see a lot of interconnectivity next year.”

Who could this mysterious character be? You could be forgiven for picking Brandon Routh's Ray Palmer as the likely culprit, but of course he's been confirmed as one of the main characters for the new show. Given her friendships with the key characters on all three shows, Emily Bett Rickards' Felicity Smoak could be a safe bet.

If you want to watch the whole Q&A, just click on the link in the source - Amell even answers a question from Elmo (I'm not kidding!). As for his comments, w
hich character do you think it will be? And what are your thoughts about Amell's much more light-hearted take on Casey Jones? As always, let us know down below!
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