Colton Haynes On The Possibility Of Him Becoming The Hood's Side Kick In ARROW

Colton Haynes On The Possibility Of Him Becoming The Hood's Side Kick In ARROW

With Roy Harper being introduced on Arrow this past week, fans have been wondering if this is the first step in giving The Hood and out in the field side kick. Actor Colton Hayes addressed the question and didn't rule it out.

When you think of Green Arrow, you also think of his side kick Speedy. The show Arrow has used the term, but it was in the first episode, and Oliver used it on his sister Thea. When it was announced that Colton Haynes would be joining the Arrow universe as Roy Harper, Speedy's real name in the comics, people started to wonder if producers would follow the comics and make Harper Ollie's side kick. "They’re setting things up for a possibility of that," Haynes told MTV. "But like most TV shows it could just be a fake out." You will however, get to see Roy interact with The Hood. Which Haynes said could foreshadow a possibility of them working together in the future.

Going back to the moniker of Speedy, Haynes says that he will be called that this season, but not from Oliver. "It’s interesting because Oliver calls her (Thea) 'Speedy' and she calls me 'Speedy.' So it’s this interesting thing," he explained. He also eluded to the fact that it might just tease fans as to who will really wind up being Olivier's side kick him, or Thea.

Haynes is up for becoming a series regular if the show calls for it. Arrow has been renewed for a second season with the only other news that has come out is that Emily Bett Rickards has been promoted to a series regular. The show airs Wednesday night's at 8:00 P.M. on the CW.

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