Darren Shahlavi Joins ARROW As Villain Constantine Drakon

Darren Shahlavi Joins ARROW As Villain Constantine Drakon

The highly skilled assassin from the Green Arrow comic will be making an appearance in The CW's upcoming series, and will be played by the Mortal Kombat Legacy, Ip Man 2 actor..

Thanks to GreenArrowtv.com we now know which other Green Arrow comic villain will be causing trouble for Oliver Queen in the pilot for the Arrow tv series..

Darren Shahlavi (Ip Man 2 and “Kano” from Mortal Kombat Legacy) has been shooting for the past few days as a bad guy named Constantine Drakon. The character first appeared in the Judd Winick/Phil Hester run of Green Arrow comics in 2003.

In the comics Drakon was a diminutive Greek martial artist and ruthless assassin, who discovered he was a gifted killer at the age of ten. His first meeting with Green Arrow resulted in him crucifying the hero with his own arrows, so it will be very interesting to see if they make him such a formidable opponent in the show.

Darren Shahlavi is something of an action/martial arts movie veteran having appeared in over 40 movies, including Mortal Kombat Legacy, Ip Man 2, 300 and Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol. The first image of Stephen Amell in his Green Arrow costume was fairly well received the other day, could this show surprise a few people perhaps?

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