FanExpo '13: Watch Stephen Amell Discuss ARROW Season 2, JUSTICE LEAGUE & More

FanExpo '13: Watch Stephen Amell Discuss ARROW Season 2, JUSTICE LEAGUE & More

FanExpo '13: Watch Stephen Amell Discuss ARROW Season 2, JUSTICE LEAGUE & More

Discussing the possibilites of him appearing in Warner Bros' live-action Justice League, who needed to approve Barry Allen to appear in Arrow's 2nd Season and much more, check out Stephen Amell's panel from Fan Expo Canada 2013.

In this interesting panel from Arrow's Stephen Amell, the moderators and crowd dissect him for as much information as possible. He also shares some thoughts on whether or not he could be in Justice League, which surprising name needed to approve The Flash appearing and teases whether or not Barry will have actual superpowers, so check out some text highlights and watch what you can below!

- Season 1 picks up 5 months later, STarling City is in close to a Police State. Quentin Lance, Laurel and Thea get new jobs. Moira is now in prison. Felicity is "a lot sexier".

- DC characters "everywhere." They gave them the "car keys" of the universe. Bronze Tiger, Sebastian Blood, The Flash, Isabel Rochev are only the start. We see Black Canary "almost immediately".

- He's up to reprising the role of Oliver Queen in Justice Leauge.

- They needed approval all the way up to Christopher Nolan to use Barry Allen on Arrow because he's the big guy when it comes to "all things Warner Bros and DC"

- Says he won't be playing Christian Grey in Fifty Shades Of Grey; "I don't forsee myself being involved in that project"

- Says he'd like to play General Zod or The Riddler. Says Jim Carrey would've been great in the Nolan trilogy.

- Thinks that Nolan's Batman trilogy is the greatest in superhero cinematic history.

- Finale budget wasn't more costly than any other episode

- Says "No Comment" on whether or not Slade Wilson will be in present-day Starling City.

- There will be more hints towards "Olicity" becoming a reality.

- There was no pressure becoming Oliver Queen. David Nutter (who directed Game Of Thrones' Red Wedding and the Arrow pilot) told Stephen that he cast the majority of CW genre show stars (Welling, Jared & Jensen) told Stephen that he's the guy for the job.

- Who'd win in a pull-up contest? Stephen Amell or Ben Affleck? Ben probably could.

- "I've never seen one minute of Smallville", didn't take inspiration from Hartley. Took it from Gus from Breaking Bad

- The idea behind season 1 is that superpowers didn't exist. That idea is no longer existent.

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