LanternStorm Reviews CW's Arrow episode 1

LanternStorm Reviews CW's Arrow episode 1

My thoughts on CW's Arrow

I have to admit, I didn't catch the original broadcast of CW's Arrow the other day, but I did manage to watch the re-broadcast.

For the most part I enjoyed the first episode, except for the fact that the way it was produced with the narration etc reminded me alot of the 1980's television drama "Beauty and the Beast". Personally, I feel that production could have been a lot better on this show. In future episodes, I can only imagine how completely lost first time viewers will be. "So is this a spin off of Smallville?" "Why didn't they use the same guy who played him on Smallville?" "Why the hell is he wearing green makeup instead of a mask?" "So what's this guy's story?"

Part of what I liked about it was that they incorporated parkour into Ollie's fighting style and maneuvering. All though I seriously doubt he would have picked up the parkour and free running styles on an island. He would have become more animalistic while living on an island alone for 5 years. Idk, maybe I'm wrong, I can see how parkour and free running could be considered animalistic styles. But I don't think his style of Par Core/ free running would be exactly like all the other free runners out there (and yet it was in the show).

With that being said, I can see how this show could catch on but I doubt it'll work past a fifth season, unless they change how it's produced and do away with those GOD AWFUL narrations and camera styles of the 80's.

I am looking forward though, to watching as Ollie's body guard deduces his recreational activities and secret identity.

Those are my thoughts. what's your take on it?
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