POLL: What Did You Think Of CW's ARROW?

POLL: What Did You Think Of CW's ARROW?

Last night we saw the pilot of CW's Arrow, with mixed feelings from several, myself included, it is obvious this will be an controversial series with fans. But what did you think? Did Arrow go in the right direction? Or did it miss the target?

With CBM alone already having three different reviews online (see bottom of page) it makes me wonder how this series will hold up over time. Several controversies have already been brought up about the series such as, unlike Batman Arrow has no problem killing the bad guys, no one displays superpowers in the show weather the character they are based on has them or not, and Oliver's nigh superhuman skills after being on an 'deserted' island for five years are just a few of the criticisms several have been pointing out. How CW will react to these critiques remains to be seen. But with opinions floating still up in the air, this is your chance to tell us what you think of CW's newest superhero series, Arrow.

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