Seth Gabel Discusses Playing 'The Count' In ARROW

Seth Gabel Discusses Playing 'The Count' In ARROW

Fringe actor Seth Gabel will be playing the villainous Count in an episode of The CW's Arrow early next year, and here he talks about his preparation for the role as well as his interest in being in more than one episode.

Speaking with Collider while promoting his new movie Allegiance, Seth Gabel (Fringe) discusses his role as the villain 'The Count' in an early 2013 episode of The CW's Arrow. Based on the character Count Vertigo, this incarnation of the DC Comics character is very different from the comic version. "I play The Count, who’s based on Count Vertigo of the comic book series. Instead of having superpowers, the powers are manifested in a drug called Vertigo, that I sell on the street. I’m essentially this street thug/drug kingpin, taking over the streets of Starling City. The way I justified being a super-villain, if you will, is that the character cares so much about money and power that he’s willing to do whatever it takes to acquire those things. In being totally consumed by money and power, I can completely ignore any questionable ethics, along that process, and just completely throw myself into doing whatever acts will achieve the acquisition of those things, whether it’s evil, wrong or whatever."

Gabel also had this to say when asked if his experience on Fringe helped him prepare for Arrow. "Yeah. The interest in the Arrow guest spot has been really surprising and incredible. I suppose it is from having such a wonderful audience from Fringe, and I’m so appreciative of that. The fans of Fringe are so loyal and incredible and powerful. They single-handedly kept that show on the air when the numbers showed that it should have canceled. To see the power that an audience like that has is really inspiring to me. I’m so glad that that audience has found Arrow. I was so excited to be a part of it because I’m a fan of the show and a fan of the genre, as well as the sci-fi genre. I love anything that has a big metaphor. It was a really exciting thing to be a part of, and I had so much fun doing it." The actor is also interested in reprising the role of The Count for future appearances after his guest spot. "It’s very possible that I’ll make future appearances, and it’s something that I would absolutely love doing."

"I’m on a diet now and I’m working out more," says Gabel concerning his physical preparation for the role. "People are like, “What prompted this in you?,” and I’m like, “Working with Stephen Amell!” You see the stuff that he’s capable of doing and the discipline that he has on set. Normally, when you see someone that looks like Stephen, you assume, “Okay, that’s their genetics. He’s a lucky bastard. I’ll never be like that.” But then, I got to talk to him and I was like, “What do you eat for lunch?,” and he said, “I just eat chicken and kale, every day.” I was like, “This guy is the real deal! He’s working hard to look like this and to be as physically capable as he is. This isn’t just someone who’s lucky.” It made me realize that you need to work for it. You can’t do these incredible things, unless you work for it. So, I’m taking that attitude into this holiday season and I’ve had the power to say not to about one-third of the cookies that have been thrown at me, which is a good step forward."

Arrow returns on The CW January 16th at 8 PM EST.

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