SPOILERS: Why Thea Queen Could Still Be 'Speedy' In ARROW

<font color= "red">SPOILERS:</font> Why Thea Queen Could Still Be 'Speedy' In ARROW

With Colton Haynes most likely playing the role of 'Arsenal' in the CW's Arrow, I present some reasons why Willa Holland's 'Thea Queen' still has the possibility of playing Oliver's other sidekick, known as Speedy. Read on After the Jump!

Fans of Green Arrow comics know that Oliver Queen has several sidekicks, one of his them being known as Speedy. During Season 1 of the fan-loved show Arrow, the name Speedy was used many a time, all referring to Oliver's sister, Thea. But when Colton Haynes' Roy Harper moved into the show, chances that Thea would be Speedy started slimming down. But don't fret, as I'll give you some reasons why Thea could still play Speedy, taking my ideas both from the Comic books, as well as the show. WARNING: This will contain SPOILERS. So, shall we begin?

Reason 1. There Is More Than One Version Of Speedy.

Everyone knows that there is a 'Speedy,' but what you may not have known, is that there are more than one version of him/her. The most popular portrayal of Speedy is Roy Harper, who is in the show being played by former Teen Wolf star Colton Haynes. In the comics, Roy grows up, and takes on the identity of Red Arrow, or in other comics, he becomes Arsenal. In the show, it appears as if Roy will be immediately putting on the mask, and becoming Arsenal, which leaves the name Speedy out for grabs. The other version of Speedy is known as Mia Dearden, who appeared in Season 9 of Smallville as played by Elise Gatien and was trained by Oliver. Maybe I'm just jumping at every chance I get, but while the name is different, Mia and Thea does sound an awful lot alike...

Reason 2: Roy Won't Keep His Mouth Shut For Long.

In the latest episodes of Arrow, Roy Harper has found out the true secret of the Arrow's identity, and Oliver non-surprisingly tells Roy to keep it secret. But working with Thea, and knowing how he hasn't done a great job at keeping secrets in the past, I'm sure something will let loose from his lips about Oliver's secret identity.

Reason 3: ARROW Is Confirmed To Receive A Third Season

In more recent news, the high-rated show Arrow got confirmed to receive a third season (Check it out here), which gives us plenty of time to bring in Thea as Speedy, therefore giving Oliver his three most popular sidekicks, which are Arsenal (Roy Harper), Black Canary (Sarah Lance, with the possibility to change), and Speedy (Thea Queen).

So those are my thoughts on why Thea Queen should become Speedy in CW's Arrow. Did you enjoy them? As always, leave your thoughts in the usual place!
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