Stephen Amell Talks Favorite Characters, Superpowers & ARROW's Fitness

Stephen Amell Talks Favorite Characters, Superpowers & ARROW's Fitness

At this year's Emerald City Comic Con, Arrow star Stephen Amell took plenty of questions regarding his favourite comic characters, his workout and the future of the character. To read what he had to say, hit the jump!

Since it began in 2012, Arrow has proved itself to be one of the most successful comic-based TV shows, showing fan-service as well as developing its own interpretation of the source material. At one of many panels at Emerald City Comic Con 2014, star Stephen Amell (Oliver Queen/Arrow) mentions he "appreciate[s] all the support", though if he was to pick the character he'd most like to play, it's a cetain '80s-created anti-hero. "I'm gonna go with Lobo. Lobo was my favourite comic as a kid. I loved Lobo. I was way too young to read it."

From Amell's perspective, one downside of season two was not saying Arrow's repeated "You have failed this city!" "I miss saying that line," he admitted. "I'm bugging the producers. We're hopefully gonna find a way to work it into the show sometime in the next season." While that line won't be coming back for the time being, one rule was broken with this season. "[The executive producers] said, 'You know that no-power rule?' I said, 'Yeah.' 'Well, we're not gonna stick with that anymore.'"

Anybody who's watched the show is well aware of Amell's physique, and some fans quizzed him on his fitness. "First, you have to be faced with the prospect of being shirtless in front of millions of people on television. It's a very particular and paralyzing type of fear. So that in and of itself works up your metabolism." Being a new father, he added, "Secondarily, I get to carry around an infant all the time. Good for arms. Really good for arms."

With today's report that Warner Bros. are close to announcing a Justice League film, talk turned to the possibility of Amell appearing in the team. He said that "the thought of somebody else playing Oliver Queen makes me want to smash that head through that table. But for the time being, it's very difficult for me to look past filming our 22nd episode." That's far from a confirmation. But say he was approached, he responded, "I would definelty be open."

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