Want To Learn More About The CW's ARROW?

Want To Learn More About The CW's ARROW?

Just discovering The CW's Arrow? Want to learn more or refresh your memory before tonight's big premiere at 8pm EST? Inside, you'll find a F.A.Q, descriptions of the characters, upcoming episodes & much more.

In this write-up below, you'll be able to catch up on all Arrow news, video previews, and we've even created episode and character descriptions ahead of tomorrow's premiere at 8pm. Don't forget that UK Viewers can see the show on Sky1 on October 22nd.

What is ARROW?
Arrow is The CW's newest television show. It is described as a crime-drama, and is based off of DC Comics character Green Arrow. The show will follow Oliver Queen and his personal path to save the city and his family. It is not a Smallville spin-off or continuation, and Justin Hartley does not play the title character. Instead, that responsibility goes to Stephen Amell, who you may have seen on The Vampire Diaries or Hung.

Why isn't the show called Green Arrow?
At this time in the TV show, Oliver Queen's alter ego is simply known as Arrow.

Who are the main characters?
Most of the characters you need to know about are Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell), Laurel Lance (Katie Cassidy), Tommy Merlyn (Colin Donnell), John Diggle (David Ramsey) and Detective Quentin Lance (Paul Blackthorne). There are plenty more characters, which you can learn about by reading the characters section.

Why isn't this a Smallville spin-off?
While Smallville was a long-running, great take on the Superman mythos despite sometimes losing direction, the producers of Arrow wanted to go in a different direction for their show. As repeated many times, Arrow contains no super-powered heroes or villains. The show's direction is inspired by Christopher Nolan's take on Batman Begins.

What is Starling City?
Starling City is the name of where the majority of the show takes place, it is a fictional city that exists within the series' universe. Queen Consolidated, as well as the Queen family are based in Starling City, along with CRNI.

Why isn't it called Star City, like in the comics?
While we don't have a definite answer, we recently learned at a press meeting with the Arrow cast and crew that Star City is actually a nickname to Starling City, much like New York is "The Big Apple".

Are any DC Comics heroes or villains showing up soon?
All that's confirmed so far is Deathstroke (you see his mask in the extended trailer), Deadshot, The Huntress, China White and The Royal Flush Gang. You can look in the Characters section of this write up for information.

Why did they change Dinah Lance's name to Laurel?
They didn't really change anything. In the comics, Dinah's middle name is Laurel. The same goes for the series, except she uses her middle name as her first, something a ton of regular people do.

Will Black Canary Appear?
At this time, there are no plans for Laurel Lance to don the alter ego of Black Canary. However, Katie Cassidy would be open to it, and I’m sure it would happen eventually if Laurel finds out Oliver’s identity and would like to help him in saving the city.

If there are no superpowers on the show, how will Black Canary work?
In the early comics, Black Canary never had the “canary cry” that she’s known for having today. She was simply a very skilled martial artist. Also, there was a time in the comics where Dinah had actually lost her “canary cry”. Black Canary without her cry wouldn't be unfamiliar.

I have seen plenty of ads with a shirtless Stephen Amell. Is he shirtless in the show?
At times, yes. However, when he is fighting crime he will not appear shirtless, he'll be fully clothed in Green Arrow get-up. The shirtless promotional posters are to attract a female audience, but also put focus on the scarring -- both emotional and physical -- Oliver received on the island.

Who is John Barrowman playing? I can't find any information
All we know is that his role is pivotal. Speculation has been very wild, but I don't think we should get our hopes up that he is playing someone like The Question or Batman. John Barrowman is constantly flying in and out of Vancouver and recently said he wishes to be a series regular, so maybe that can give us more insight in to his character.

Do you think Batman will appear?
There is always the possibility, but considering this incarnation of Oliver Queen is very similar to Bruce Wayne in certain aspects, as well as the tone of the show, Batman could easily over-shadow Green Arrow, and fans would want him on all the time like in Birds of Prey.

I really miss Justin Hartley. Will he appear at some point?
Justin Hartley is currently working on another CW show -- Emily Owens MD -- which limits his availability. However, producer Marc Guggenheim is really aimed at getting Hartley on the show, and considering Emily Owens also shoots in Vancouver, I suspect it wouldn't be too difficult.

I heard there is a Wonder Woman show coming to The CW. Will the two crossover?
As star Stephen Amell said, as long as she does not have superpowers! One of Arrow's ground rules is that super powers can not exist in their universe as it wants to be grounded in reality, much like Christopher Nolan's Batman.

Episode 1 - Pilot

By now, we know a huge amount of what is going on in The CW's Arrow pilot thanks to countless promos and images that are being released by in anticipation to this Wednesday's debut. By constructing the fragments of what we know so far, I believe it is safe to assume that in this episode, Oliver takes a cruise that has Laurel’s sister and Oliver’s father as passengers. The ship takes a nasty hit and sinks, leaving Robert and Oliver stranded on a raft. During this time, Oliver's father gives him a book of names that Oliver must take down once they return to Starling City. However, Robert dies and Oliver does not make it back to the city, but instead to an island where he learns to survive on his own for five years, but recent developments suggest that someone directly – or indirectly – trains him. Eventually he learns archery and returns to Starling City, where he finds out he was presumed dead. Oliver -- who is now reformed -- realizes how different his friends and family are, as well as the city. For a while, he trains his body, and takes on the persona of Arrow to do what his father asked of him -- save the city. First target? Adam Hunt.

Episode 2 - Honor Thy Father

This is the debut episode of actress Kelly Hu -- who plays DC Comics villain China White. What we do know about this episode is that Laurel's CNRI law firm will heavily be featured, and Oliver’s struggles to keep his family safe and in-check. Thanks to a promo on the Xbox Live dashboard, we can see that this episode will have a real dark, but action-packed tone when it comes to the Arrow sequences, improving on what the pilot has shown us thus-far. We do know that villain Martin Somers hires China White to take out Laurel Lance, and Oliver crosses paths with this villainous assassin. Oliver may also be asked to take over Queen Consolidated.

Episode 3 - Lone Gunman

We know this episode will involve DC Comics assassin Deadshot (played by Michael Rowe). One of Oliver's targets is shot and killed by a mysterious man, someone who Arrow doesn't want meddling in his business. Walter Steele (see Characters section) soon becomes one of Deadshot's targets, which creates a real problem for Oliver as he feels that family and their protection comes first. We don't know much about this episode other than that, but it's sure to be a fun one.

Episode 4 - An Innocent Man

We literally know almost nothing about this episode. We do know the title, and we can only speculate from that information. No DC Comics guest stars or villains are announced to appear in this episode, so Oliver will probably be going after someone his father listed. Perhaps -- in relation the title -- Robert Queen got it wrong and Oliver wasn’t supposed to go after this man at all? We won't know until CW releases an official synopsis.

Episode 5 - Damaged

We know that John Barrowman could possibly make his debut in this episode as he was on set while the production of this episode occurred. He later did a TwitCast saying he filmed a "very nice scene" for Arrow. Much like the previous episode, we have no plot details. Keep a look out for upcoming synopsis' and promos though.

Episode 6 - Legacies

We actually have some plot details for you in this section. During FanExpo Canada 2012's Arrow panel, Stephen Amell mentioned he had read the episode 6 script and confirmed that other DC Comics cities are mentioned and they do have their proper names. Does the show mention Gotham? Metropolis? Hub City? Who knows, but I wouldn't get my hopes up as Smallville had plenty of city mentions as well. This episode will also feature the debut of actor Kyle Schmid playing Ace from the Royal Flush Gang, and possibly Currie Graham who will play King. We previously brought you set photos of their major bank heist.

Episode 7 - Muse Of Fire

This episode was written by famous DC comics writer Geoff Johns, who previously penned some episodes for Smallville such as the TV special "Absolute Justice". This episode is set to feature the debut of Helena Bertinelli/The Huntress, played by actress Jessica de Gouw. Andrew Kreisberg commented saying that Huntress is “right out of the comic books”. It will also feature Jeffrey Nordling as crime boss Frank Bertinelli, Helena's father.

Green Arrow/Oliver Queen - Stephen Amell

Oliver Queen is the main character of the series. Much like Tony Stark and Bruce Wayne, he is a playboy billionaire and the rightful heir to the Queen Consolidated company and fortune. He was the former boyfriend of Laurel Lance, however because of his bad-boy nature and love for sex, he took Laurel's sister on a cruise which eventually shipwrecked, which tragically killed Sara Lance. Unfortunately, Oliver's father deceased before he and Oliver could make it to a remote island. The island changed Oliver, forging him in a weapon where he learned to master archery and much, much more. After 5 years of absence, Oliver returned to Starling City to cleanse out the evil that his father warned him about. He created a costume and fought crime with a vengeance under the alias of Arrow.

Dinah "Laurel" Lance - Katie Cassidy

Laurel Lance is a lawyer for City Necessary Resources Initiative (CNRI) based in Starling City. She is the former girlfriend of Oliver Queen. Laurel was devastated by the death of her sister, Sara who was aboard Oliver's cruise ship. Her father, Quentin Lance is a detective. She is determined to use legal channels to fight the same war as Oliver and take down those who deserve it, however the Arrow may get in her way.

Moira Queen - Susanna Thompson

Moira Queen is the former husband of Robert Queen and mother of Oliver. Following the death of Robert Queen, Moira eventually remarried a man named Walter Steele, who is the current CEO of Queen Consolidated. In an attempt to keep Oliver safe after he returned from “the dead”, Moira hired John Diggle as his bodyguard to help keep an eye on him.

Walter Steele - Colin Salmon

Not too much is known about Walter Steele other than the fact that he is Oliver's new step-father and in charge of Queen Consolidated during Oliver's five-year absence. Walter is sometimes described as a "commanding, upper crust man" and seems to be interested in the fact that Robert Queen may be still alive, much like Oliver is..

John Diggle - David Ramsey

John Diggle is an African-American former military man who worked with the Army Rangers in Afghanistan. Diggle was hired by Oliver's mother, Moira Queen to become Oliver's bodyguard following his return. However, to get Oliver to trust him he must prove that he works for him and not his mother.

Tommy Merlyn - Colin Donnell

Tommy Merlyn is Oliver Queen's best friend and somewhat shares a lot of Oliver's pre-island attitude. Tommy has trouble understanding why Oliver has changed his lifestyle following the accident, but Tommy informs Oliver about his funeral and most of the events that took place during Oliver's five year absence. Mr. Merlyn may also get in trouble with the law, as it’s said he drugs women at nightclubs.

Adam Hunt - Brian Markinson

Adam Hunt appears to be the first person from Oliver's list (received from his father) that he will go after, however Laurel Lance is also on the hunt to take him down, but through proper and legal channels. Adam Hunt is described as a curropt business man who has scammed several people, so he’s definitely going to a blip on the Arrow’s radar.

Detective Quentin Lance - Paul Blackthorne

Quentin Lance is a male in his 50s and father to Laurel Lance. He is described as a "gruff, determined city detective". He bitterly hates Oliver Queen because he feels that Oliver is the very reason his daughter died. Detective Quentin Lance is placed on a task force bent on taking down the green-hooded vigilante known as Arrow. You should expect to see a lot of Detective Lance as he tries to take down the Arrow.

Thea Queen - Willa Holland

Thea is the younger sister of Oliver Queen. She was barely a teenager when Oliver went missing and presumed dead. Thea Queen soon adapted Oliver's crazy party lifestyle, something he necessarily doesn't approve of and tries to help with, however she feels that she doesn't need someone to teach her how to behave. Thea's nickname is Speedy, and it is said that she may have a drug addiction which is a nod to an old Green Arrow comic story.

China White - Kelly Hu

At this point, we don’t know much about the villainous China White. However, constructing fragments from the little information we have, we can say that she was hired by Martin Somers to take out Laurel Lance, as she tries to take him down through proper channels. Judging by actress Kelly Hu's tweets, we can assume that China White is in her 70s. She will cross paths with Arrow in episode 2.

Deadshot - Michael Rowe

We are unaware of information regarding Deadshot in The CW's Arrow, but we do know that he seems to be very faithful to the character unlike Smallville's interpretation. Stephen Amell revealed that Oliver in fact does have a moral code that Deadshot doesn't have, and the two will cross paths by possibly targeting the same person. Perhaps as the third episode gets closer to airing we'll know more, but for now we are pretty much in the dark.

??? - Byron Mann

This is one of the few characters we don’t have a name for yet, but Byron Mann is no stranger to acting. He is set to appear in the upcoming "Man With The Iron Fists" feature film. The only hint we have about Mann's Arrow character is that he is an "enigmatic man with a complex connection to Oliver Queen", something that has sparked plenty of speculation among fans.

"Well-Dressed Man" - John Barrowman

In one of the most surprising cast additions, Doctor Who/Torchwood's John Barrowman has joined the cast of Arrow in a very mysterious role which is yet to be revealed. We do, however have a description of his character from the studio stating that he "is as mysterious as he is wealthy" as well as "an acquaintance of the Queen family and a prominent figure in Starling City" which has had fans go on wild speculation. Some guesses as to who the character is ranges from Batman to Lex Luthor and even The Question, Victor Sage. I think we won’t find out the truth until Barrowman shows up.

Helena Bertinelli/The Huntress - Jessica de Gouw

The Huntress is a famous DC comics character and one that everyone is looking forward to seeing in Arrow. Helena Bertinelli is set to be a "potential love interest" for Oliver Queen. The following character breakdown states that she is "a fellow vigilante, set on destroying her father's organized crime empire. Helena's blind pursuit for revenge will put her on a collision course with Arrow", which sounds very interesting. Jessica de Gouw recently hinted at the Huntress' costume but also revealed that there will be hints of purple in Helena's everyday clothing.

Ace - Kyle Schmid

The Royal Flush gang is coming to Starling City, as actor Kyle Schmid was recently revealed to be playing Ace, a member of the Royal Flush Gang. We don’t know much about how this character will be portrayed in the world of Arrow, but we do know that a heavy bank heist is going to be involved with hostages leaving with playing card masks on. The Royal Flush Gang is a very popular crime organization in DC Comics.

King – Currie Graham

Currie Graham was just recently announced, and he is set to play the “King” of DC Comics’ Royal Flush Gang. Andrew Kreisberg and the rest of the producers are said to be “very proud” of how they made the famed DC Comics crime organization turn out in Arrow’s universe.

Felicity Smoak - Emily Bett Rickards

Felicity Smoak is currently known as an “I.T wunderkind” who helps Oliver out whenever he needs it. In the comics, Felicity is actual part of the comic book Firestorm which lead many people to believe Firestorm would be appearing in the show in some capacity, however that has been debunked now that we know her character is completely different. She works at Queen Consolidated.

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