More Bad News For The Green Hornet

More Bad News For <i>The Green Hornet</i>

It looks like the 3D conversion process is a cover for much bigger issues.

Last week it was reported that The Green Hornet was getting pushed back to January, 2011 release in order to convert to 3D. By converting to 3D, the studio needed to avoid losing out on limited space of 3D theaters to Tron: Legacy and Yogi Bear (By the way, you did read that last movie title correctly). Sony has already had to defend the movie from comments made by studio insiders saying the movie was unreleasable.

Well, Hollywood Elsewhere (whose writer has worked for Entertainment Weekly and People, just to name a few) has more to add to the story from his inside source:

"Sony is not merely converting The Green Hornet into 3-D, but rewriting and reshooting sizable chunks of the movie. The action sequences don't cut together and [are saddled with comprehension issues]. This isn't a conversion -- it's an overhaul using 3-D as a smokescreen."

Studios have also referred to the movie as way too campy and Seth Rogen being horribly miscast for the role. It remains to be seen if this movie will ever see the big screen at this point.
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