A Real Fan's Green Lantern Review! (UPDATED WITH SPOILERS!)

A Real Fan's <I>Green Lantern</i> Review! (UPDATED WITH SPOILERS!)

I had the privilege of attending an early screening of Green Lantern last night and this is my review. Spoiler free followed by spoilers after the break.

So I can not give too many details as to how I was able to see the movie (I don't think anyway) but a friend hooked me up.

Let me start by saying that I do have a GL bias, given that I've read the entire volume 5 of green lantern. I was hooked ever since his (green lantern's) involvement with the death of Superman story line.

This is the Spoiler Free section
The spoilers will be identified after a few lines of hyphens. Sorry, but I don't know how to make the font white unless highlighted.

On Similarity to the Source:
The movie stayed pretty true to the source material with many little easter eggs and fan nods throughout the movie. There were many parts of the film that had me "Ooh"ing with excitement over the nerdy fan services. However, that is not to say that this was not geared for main stream audience. The man next to me said he'd never picked up a comic his entire life and he loved the movie. The movie did deviate on a few (IMO) minor details that could be explained easily if thought was given to them.

For instance, most fans know that Parallax's M.O. does not (usually) include sucking multiple people into his essence, which kills them, leaving husks. But that's just his style in this. Given that he is a brain-child-combination of Legion, Parallax and Krona, you see how he came to that. The second big deviation (aside from deaths) will be discussed later in the Spoiler section. But it still remained extremely faithful to the comics.

Special Effects:
All of the problems about CGI and the costume that I had were completely rectified in the final rendering. The constructs looked incredible, the costume looked organic, the backdrops were beautiful. It was stunning to watch.

The post-production conversion to 3D did not affect the quality of the dimensions at all. The layers of the dimensions were extremely realistic and it looked as though you were watching the movie through a window that this was happening on the other side of.
I was very skeptical about this, due to other movies that went through post-production conversion, such as "The Last Airbender." But they nailed it.

The general consensus after the movie was "spot on acting!"
I, however, found Angela Basset's performance of Amanda Waller to seem a little too Broadway, and less Hollywood. And Carrol Ferris seems to cry a bit more than I'd expect. But that's not really the actor's (Blake Lively's) problem. But that did not take away from the movie, given that those brief little criticisms were nit picky.

Reynolds made you feel like this was Hal Jordan. After the movie, I tried to think about how Reynolds played Hal, and the only words that came to mind were "Cocky" and "Arrogant", before the ring of course.

Peter Sarsgaard played a great villain and reminded me of a John Malkovich style villain. It worked!

Mark Strong's Sinestro was PERFECT! That's all I have to say: PERFECT!
Everyone in the film did a great job.

The best way I can describe the movie is "fun". It is directed more for adults, but doesn't go so dark to exclude children. It has humor, but doesn't make the character a clown. The best way I could describe the feel is the first time I saw Spider-Man (1) in theatres, except Green Lantern was FAR more enjoyable. And I was a hard core spider-man fan at the time. I highly recommend seeing it.





With that being said, lets get to the Juicy bits of this movie.

Now, the movie stays pretty damned accurate to the comicbook mythology. All of the basics are the same: 3600 Lanterns patrolling 3600 sectors. The ring selects each member. Ect. Those are the basics.
However, like in the comics, Green Lantern’s “secret identity” is kind of a joke, since all he has is the domino mask. By the end, Tom Kalmaku, Carol Ferris and Hector Hammond all know Hal’s secret. And this only strengthens the story. Unlike Spider-man and many other movies, there is no pining over worrying about people finding out who he is, which was incredibly refreshing!


The major change that I mentioned earlier is that the yellow ring does come into existence during this film. However the Guardians create the ring to combat the Yellow power of fear with itself. In the comics, Sinestro was banned to the Antimatter universe, where the Quardian Weaponers built the ring for him. Sinestro is the one who prompts the Guardians to forge a yellow/fear based ring, with the idea that he’d be the one to wield this new power.

However, after the ring is forged, Hal steps in and tells Sinestro, in front of the Guardians that the power can’t be trusted. He tells them how it corrupts the host, which is why Hector becomes so evil. The Guardians tell Hal he's right and they place the ring in a containment.

Hector actually seemed like a nicer guy at the start of the movie, but becomes a (somewhat) puppet figure for Parallax.

That leads me to the after the credits scene. Now I know you’re reading this part because you want to be spoiled, but seriously, this is for only those whose curiosity knows no bounds. I’m about to spoil the after the credits scene that made the movie for me, so if you do not wish to know, stop reading!


So after the credits, we see the yellow ring (which looks exactly as it did the concept art shown on this website) floating in a containment chamber. The chamber breaks and we see it float toward Sinestro, who then takes off his GL ring and places the Sinestro Corp ring on and he instantly knows this is his type of power. His eyes turn yellow and you can see he’s already corrupted. IT WAS PERFECT!
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