Concept Art and Character Choices for the Green Lantern Film!

Concept Art and Character Choices for the Green Lantern Film!

Curious as to How They Can Portray Such Out of This World Characters and Places? Well, Here They Are. Concept Art From the Film!

So, we've all been informed as to the makings of a Green Lantern Movie. Which, I for one, am ECSTATIC about. But with all of the sci-fi elements involved, can the crew do this film justice? Give me your take on the concept art and the character choices!

This one is an above atmosphere look down on Oa. Amazing if they can pull it off.

Here we've got the concept for the Legion Character (the one who attacked and subsequently killed Abin Sur) along with the actual comic picture.

Here we See Carroll Ferris: Hal's Boss, Lover AND Star Sapphire!

Hal Jordan's Costume Change sequence and Fully Uniformed Hal

As for the Characters involved, we're going to see: Hal Jordan (of course), Abin Sur, Sinestro, Legion, Carl and Carol Ferris, and Hector Hammond. It seems as if they're building up Sinestro in this one, so they can fully unleash him in the sequel. So the main Protagonist here is going to be Hector Hammond, who has been irradiated by a meteor and has gained Psionic abilities and IMMORTALITY!!
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