DEBUNKED: Ryan Reynolds was NOT Injured While Filming Green Lantern

<font color="red">DEBUNKED:</font> Ryan Reynolds was NOT Injured While Filming <i>Green Lantern</i>

A rumor started earlier this week by US Magazine has been dismissed by one of the film's crew members, along with a warning to those interested in spreading false information.

Several days ago, a rumor circulated that actor Ryan Reynolds, star of the upcoming superhero film Green Lantern, had become injured with filming a scene. Here is the excerpt from US Weekly in it's entirety:

"Ryan Reynolds was injured Monday on the New Orleans set of The Green Lantern, has learned.

While shooting scenes for the DC Comics action flick, the 33-year-old actor - who plays the title character - separated his shoulder and "is in lots of pain," an insider tells Us. "He's been keeping ice on it."

His rep had no comment."

I was contacted today by a trusted member of the Green Lantern production crew, who has furnished me with many exclusive scoops in the past, with a message debunking this information which has caused a bit of concern for Green Lantern movie fans, "Ryan Reynolds has not suffered the injury that was recently reported. I have personally seen him over the past few days and he is just fine. A memorandum has been put out for the entire production crew warning that if anyone is discovered spreading unfounded rumors they would be immediately fired from the production."

Hopefully, this warning from the head honchos at the studio will minimize any more disinformation that can be detrimental to the production. Martin Campbell's Green Lantern will continue filming in New Orleans, Louisiana, until late August of this year, and is scheduled for theatrical release June 17th, 2011.

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