Does Parallax Kill Abin Sur in Green Lantern?

Does Parallax Kill Abin Sur in <i>Green Lantern</i>?

Trailer screen caps might reveal that the Fear Entity itself is responsible for Abin Sur's death!

Many people have talked about the scene in the Green Lantern trailer at 2:05 where it appears Abin Sur is flying through a "yellow wall." However, I managed to slow down the 0.7 second clip and capture still images from it.

It appears that Abin Sur is actually in the cockpit of his ship when the yellow glow throws him from his seat, crashing him through the back of his ship's bridge. If you look closely, you can see the source of all the yellow light, partially blocked by the front of the vessel. There is a definite object emitting the yellow light, as evidenced by the almost solid object, best seen in the final still.

Many people have speculated that Krona, infected by Parallax, kills Abin Sur. Could this be evidence that the Fear Entity itself performs the coup de gras?

Thoughts and comments below.

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