EDITORIAL: Six Directors Who Should Be Considered For The Next GREEN LANTERN Movie

EDITORIAL: Six Directors Who Should Be Considered For The Next GREEN LANTERN Movie

With Warner Bros. pondering the Emerald Knight's big screen future, I've compiled a list of six directors who I think are qualified to properly adapt the Green Lantern Corps in the near future (whether it's a sequel to last year's Green Lantern or a complete reboot).

After Warner Bros. Pictures released their underwhelming (though arguably underrated) Green Lantern movie last year, many have been wondering when and if Hal Jordan will get another big screen outing in the near future. A sequel hasn't been ruled out yet, but a reboot is certainly possible. Last we heard, WB were wondering whether or not to bring back Ryan Reynolds' Lantern or to relaunch the character. Personally, I want to see a sequel so we can see the Sinestro Corps War played out properly. Also,I believe that any flaws within the first film (lack of a proper villain, messy script, average directing, etc.) can easily be fixed in a sequel. However, I'm also open to a potential reboot. Whatever WB decide to do, they'll need to hire a proper director to bring the Emerald Knight back to the big screen.

One of the biggest mistakes while making Green Lantern was hiring Martin Campbell to direct. Campbell is far from a director (Casino Royale shows that he can direct action films excellently), but he obviously wasn't used to the sci-fi/fantasy setting of Green Lantern. To avoid this mistake, I listed six directors who are able to properly direct CGI/space heavy films, and also do a solid job at developing characters.

Joseph Kosinski
TRON: Legacy

Kosinski is no stranger to science fiction, as he directed the solid TRON sequel a couple years ago. He's also currently working on Oblivion, an adaptation of his sci-fi graphic novel starring Tom Cruise. The special effects for TRON: Legacy are incredible, and if Kosinski can provide CGI of similar quality to a Green Lantern film, it could be a visual masterpiece. Just give him the right script, and Kosinski is perhaps the ideal choice to direct the next Green Lantern movie.

Barry Sonnenfeld
Men In Black Trilogy

If Warner Bros. want the next Green Lantern film to be light hearted/comedy oriented, then Sonnenfeld is the right man for the job. He has plenty of sci-fi comedy experience with the Men In Black trilogy, and he's even reportedly attached to helm a movie based on DC Comics' Metal Men. As long as his Green Lantern isn't too comedy centered (IMO, it should be a solid mix of seriousness and comedy), Sonnenfeld would do a bang up job directing.

Brad Bird
The Incredibles

Bird is one of those directors who NEEDS to helm a comic book movie in the near future. After directing a couple of excellent films for Pixar, he recently made his stunning live action directorial debut with Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol. So clearly, comic book fans would want him to direct any Marvel or DC film soon. I almost included him on my list for possible directors for The Flash, but I figured that he would do just as well (if not better) with Green Lantern. Bird develops his characters properly, and never fails to direct his films in some sort of epic scale. The CBM genre could always use some of that formula.

Bryan Singer
First Two X-Men Movies

I'll probably be considered a heathen for including Singer, mostly because he previously did a mediocre job handling another DC Comics project, Superman Returns. As glad as I am that Singer didn't direct a sequel to that film, I recently realized that he could be a good fit for Green Lantern. He works rather well with ensemble casts/multiple characters (X-Men), and he's also a science fiction fan (he's made no secret about his love for Star Trek). Add in his prior experience with comic book movies, and you have a director who could make a decent Green Lantern movie.

Francis Lawrence
I Am Legend

Lawrence is probably the most unusual choice on the list. Even I wasn't sure about his directing a Green Lantern film when I first heard the suggestion. But after a while, the idea makes sense. Lawrence has worked with Warner Bros. before, he previously directed the comic book movie Constantine, and he's used to directing CGI-heavy movies. These would make him an ideal candidate for the Emerald Knight's next big screen outing. Lawrence will probably have much more mainstream exposure next year, as he's set to direct Lionsgate's sequel The Hunger Games: Catching Fire.

Gore Verbinski
Pirates Of The Caribbean Trilogy

If Warner Bros. want to go full on epic in their next Green Lantern movie, then Verbinski would be a solid choice. He certainly knows how to make an visually appealing epic blockbuster (the Pirates Of The Caribbean trilogy proves that), and he also works well with large casts. As long as he doesn't make a Green Lantern movie's budget sky rocket (like what he recently did for Disney's The Lone Ranger, which currently has a $250M budget), then Verbinski should do a fine job crafting the space epic that the Emerald Knight needs.

Well, that's my list for who I think Warner Bros. should consider for the next Green Lantern movie when and if they decide to move forward with it. Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments and to vote on the poll below.

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