EXCLUSIVE: Green Lantern Fighter Jet Revealed

EXCLUSIVE: Green Lantern Fighter Jet Revealed

EXCLUSIVE: <i>Green Lantern</i> Fighter Jet Revealed

Follow the jump to take an inside look at the the latest props for the Green Lantern movie; plus, a description of the scene they will be used in...

Did I say I was done with my Green Lantern set reports? Guess again...

Day 6

I was tipped off that Warner Bros had rented out a few hangers at Lakefront Airport located in northern New Orleans, LA.

Within one of the hangers, the crew had just finished painting a fighter jet that will be used for a pivotal scene in Martin Campbell's space epic Green Lantern. The 'experimental' YF-32 jet will be piloted by our hero's father, Martin Jordan (portrayed by Jon Tenney in the film), and will be the cause of his demise.

It appears to be based off of the X-35 Joint Strike Fighter, and is roughly 2/3 scale. The mock air traffic control tower that is being used on the Green Lantern at Second Line Stages is a replica of the one used at Lakefront Airport; which has been chosen as the backdrop for the fictitious Ferris Air.

Here are a few images of the aircraft. The Ferris Aircraft logo was just recently added:

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