EXCLUSIVE: Green Lantern Scene Description: Battle for Oa

<font color="red">EXCLUSIVE:</font> Green Lantern Scene Description: Battle for Oa

Check out the details of the scene shot last night on the Green Lantern movie set in New Orleans featuring Hal Jordan, Kilowog, Tomar Re and a yellow toned villain...

Good Morning troopers, here's the latest report fresh from the Green Lantern movie set in New Orleans, Louisiana. The crew has been working through the nights to capture CGI heavy scenes; last night's, in particular, should be quite breathtaking in it's final form:

- Filming took place at the New Orleans sound stages

- The scene was a fight between Hal Jordan and Parallax that starts on Earth (during the "mass panic" Farmer's Market event), then travels to Oa (the headquarters of the Green Lantern Corps)

- Parallax has a massive, insect-like body, with numerous "tentacles"

- Full color cut-outs were used as stand ins for Tomar Re (which stood 6'6 feet tall) and Kilowog (7' feet tall)

- Though the body/facial structure is similar, the suits for the alien Lantern Corps members don't look like the ones depicted in the concept art leaked several months ago; they are not shiny and have a dark, organic texture. Tomar's face has a much more defined beak; while Kilowog's face in more pig-ish.

- The Oan battle is fairly long and will be the penultimate scene in the movie

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