EXCLUSIVE: Green Lantern Set Report - Costumes

EXCLUSIVE: Green Lantern Set Report - Costumes

EXCLUSIVE: <i>Green Lantern</i> Set Report - Costumes

Follow the jump to read what I've found out about the film's wardrobe department and costume designs...


Here's a brief conversation I had with a production assistant for Warner Bros' superhero film Green Lantern:

Did you hear about the rumor that Ryan [Reynold's] costume is going to be all CGI?

"Who said it's a rumor, it's how they always planned it."

Always? Ryan said he tried the suit on and it felt snug. What was that about then?

"I don't know, I'm sure they had him try something on the see how the colors worked but from the [beginning of filming] it was always going to be a CG costume. I haven't seen any of those costumes in the warehouse but they could have 'em locked up somewhere else."

Is that how they're going to do all the other character costumes?

"The aliens? From what I know they're going to be all CG. I don't even think they have the voice actors picked out yet but it's still really early. We only started filming a month ago and stuff changes here every day."

So... where do they keep all the costumes anyway?

"It's like a few blocks away from the studio. The place is huge, look:"

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