EXCLUSIVE: Green Lantern Set Report - Roll Credits

EXCLUSIVE: Green Lantern Set Report - Roll Credits

EXCLUSIVE: <i>Green Lantern</i> Set Report - Roll Credits

Follow the jump to see what I've found out about the film's final scene, which was shot a few days ago...


Well, actually, it was my third day hanging around the Green Lantern set. I watched them construct a mini Air Traffic Control tower and haul out a few gigantic blue screens in preparation for a "special" scene. Thanks to one of the film's cameramen, I learned a few things about this scene which was just filmed at Second Line Stages and the atmosphere on set:

- The production is operating non-stop, 24 hours a day. Though the actors are usually only filming for 12 hour blocks, the crew is constantly on the go from one location to the next.

- The film's director, Martin Campbell has an unwavering focus. He knows exactly what is needed for each scene and won't settle for anything less than the best performances from his cast and crew.

"It's a pain because he demands perfection in every aspect but it brings out the best in everyone. It's really hard to meet his standard. I haven't met a director that keeps everyone on their toes like [Campbell]."

- The blue screens are used for the same purpose as green screens.

- Ryan Reynolds/Hal Jordan was wearing a grayish jumpsuit during the scene.

- Blake Lively's hair was a very dark brown; I honestly couldn't tell if she was wearing a wig or not.

- Jay O. Saunders was on set wearing a business suit.

- Martin Campbell was constantly going in and out of the ATC tower during the scene. There was a camera set up inside of it as well as the three (that I noticed) outside.

- The scene supposedly takes place at Ferris Air and will be used for the film's finale. It will show Ryan/Hal flying off from the airfield.

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