EXCLUSIVE: Green Lantern Storyboards And Concept Art Reveals Parallax And Krona!

<font color= red>EXCLUSIVE:</font> <i>Green Lantern</i> Storyboards And Concept Art Reveals Parallax And Krona!

If you weren't a fan of Galactus' cloud appearence in Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer, then you may not like Parallax's new look, while we also get what appears to be our first look at Krona! Hit the jump for the three awesome images...

I was contacted earlier today by someone claiming to have obtained the following pictures in a "friend of a friend" type situation. While I was initially reluctant to take any notice of them, the information they provided me with as well as the fact that the pictures are all extremely convincing, leads me to believe that they're 100% genuine. As you can see in the first image, the man (apparently one of the producers) holding that concept art is actually looking up at the same buildings. Of course, we'll soon find out their authenticity if we're asked by Warner Bros to remove them. Until then, enjoy and speculate below!

I may have started reading Green Lantern recently, but I'm still not in the least bit familiar with Krona. As can be seen in the storyboard above, he's clearly in the movie, but it almost looks as if he's a part of Parallax! Is that something which happenned in the comic books? Regardless, I'm a little surprised to see this new look for Parallax, although I must admit that this "cloud" appearence might end up looking very cool in 3D on the big screen!

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