Exclusive Interview: Green Lantern - First Flight Director Lauren Montgomery

Exclusive Interview: Green Lantern - First Flight Director Lauren Montgomery

For director Lauren Montgomery, the animated Wonder Woman DVD film was a breath of fresh air, giving her the opportunity to work with the emotions of a female character that a project such as Superman: Doomsday might not necessarily do. Hopefully she enjoyed the opportunity, however, because she’s back in the realm of the macho superhero with this summer’s animated Green Lantern: First Flight.

“The storyline for Green Lantern is essentially Hal Jordan’s first encounter with the Green Lantern Corps,” she explains in this exclusive interview. “We didn’t want to focus purely on an origin story, but we also didn’t want to skip on an origin story being that this was the first Green Lantern solo movie. So we tried to get it out of the way right in the beginning so that the rest of the movie focuses on him with the Green Lantern Corps, kind of learning how to interact with them and proving himself to them. His mentor is Sinestro in this case, and Sinestro has not yet become a Yellow Lantern. He’s still a Green Lantern, so we get to see their interaction on that level as well.”

The film is the story of Hal being taught by Sinestro the nature of what it is to be a Green Lantern. “But then,” Montgomery adds, “Hal also has to make his own decisions about whether that’s right or wrong and standing up for himself. It’s kind of like a Training Day type scenario. Let’s face it, with a name like Sinestro, you can’t stay good for very long, so he does turn to the Yellow Lantern and Hal has to take him on.”
While on some level this sounds like an Anakin/Obi-Wan relationship from the Star Wars prequels (though in the case of GL it’s the mentor who goes rogue), Montgomery says that isn’t necessarily the case.
“There are elements of betrayal there,” she allows, “but at the same time, when Hal comes into it Sinestro isn’t the nurturing father type anyway. They probably don’t have too much time to develop a loving relationship, so it’s not as emotional as the Star Wars relationship, but it’s the same general feeling.”

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