EXCLUSIVE: New Green Lantern Set Photo

EXCLUSIVE: New Green Lantern Set Photo

EXCLUSIVE: New <i>Green Lantern</i> Set Photo

Is that a SPACE SHIP in the water?!? Follow the jump to see for yourself...

The Green Lantern cast and crew are apparently working day and night in Madisonville, LA filming a scene that has yet to be disclosed. You can check out a video of the location by clicking HERE.

This morning, I received an email from a Madisonville resident who had stopped by the movie set and managed to snap this quick photo at the Mandeville Lakefront:

What is that being lowered into the water, you ask? Taking the film's context into consideration, it definitely looks like an otherworldly space craft. Anyone familiar with Green Lantern mythology should know that there is one space ship that is crucial to Hal Jordan's origin story. That ship belonged to his predecessor Abin Sur; who crash landed on Earth before passing his duties onto the former test pilot. The intricate design of Abin's ship has varied throughout the years, but it's sleek, silver look has remained consistent.

Many thanks to Melissa for the photo!

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