EXCLUSIVE: Photos of Green Lantern College Campus Set

EXCLUSIVE: Photos of <i>Green Lantern</i> College Campus Set

Here are a few pictures of the exterior set at the University of New Orleans Science Building.

Last week, the Green Lantern film crew moved the production to the University of New Orleans (UNO) Science Building, located on Founders Ave in New Orleans, LA. Though the majority of filming that took place were for interior scenes, the movie crew had local law enforcement and private security block off the entire building's perimeter from a few blocks away.

Thanks to CBM scooper Sean Brewington, who managed to snap these pictures before being noticed by studio security, we can at least get a peak of the exterior of the closed set:

If you look closely at the crane in the first picture, you can see the artificial 'rain' being used for the scene.

Where does this location fit into the Green Lantern film? Highlight the section below to find out:


The UNO Science Building fits perfectly as the backdrop for Hector Hammond's introductory scene as well as the laboratory where a certain GL induced accident happens to him. . . Get ready to see Peter Sarsgaard with a big freakin' head.

Thanks again to Sean for sending these photos in!

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