Full Green Lantern Trailer Hits!

Full Green Lantern Trailer Hits!

Full <i>Green Lantern</i> Trailer Hits!

Check out the full, highly anticipated trailer for Martin Cambell's Green Lantern, featuring first looks at Abin Sur, Sinestro and co in action. WB have also released some new promo art. Click for all the emerald goodness..

Now in HD quality, with the blurb in English..

I think you will agree that it looks a hell of a lot better than the 30 second preview ET suggested. I'm still not 100% on some of the dialog and the tone, but I am a lot more optimistic now. Give your thoughts below.

Green Lantern is is directed by Martin Campbell and stars Ryan Reynolds, Blake Lively, Peter Sarsgaard, Mark Strong, Tim Robbins and Angela Bassett. With a screenplay by Greg Berlanti, Michael Goldenberg, Michael Green, and Marc Guggenheim.

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