G.L.E.W. review #1

Review of the first issue of Green Lantern Emerald Warriors (G.L.E.W.).

Before I picked up this book, I was never a big Guy Gardner fan. He always seemed to be the jerkish over-the-top bicep-for-brains kind of guy. This book shows that there's more to Guy than motorcycle constructs (which are pretty cool).

P.S. There are some spoilers.

This issue starts out with Guy Gardner doin' his thing. Stopping a bunch of bandits from stealing some crazy element or another and kidnapping some scientists and escaping into the unknown sectors. A day in the life of Green Lantern.

Guy returns to Oa with the criminals in custody and goes to speak with the Guardians, requesting for an expedition to the unknown sectors of space. Much to his surprise his permission is granted.

Guy goes to speak to Ganthet, now a Green Lantern about the Blackest Night and their tentative alliance with Atrocitus, the leader of the Red Lanterns.

Speak of the devil, the scene cuts to Atrocitus on Ysmault, and because he has nothing better to do he's building a wall of skulls to represent the dead from his dead homeworld, among others. Atrocitus then sends Bleez to accompany Guy Gardner on his mission (I have to admit, I really like Bleez' character design, by the way).

The scene cuts back to Guy on in his room on Oa, recording a sort of "In case I die" message for the other Green Lanterns. He is then shown wiping blood from his mouth.

The scene cuts one final time to an unknown sector. Two Green Lanterns are shown ariving on an equally unknown planet with other aliens in tow. They believe that they are on Oa, but end up in the throne room of a big firey sword guy, who thanks them.

The end.

That's the gist of it, though I highly suggest you read it yourself. (If not, it's all basically right there.)

I give this first issue a 7/10. It's a good characterization of Guy Gardner, alongside all the other characters, and a good break from the Blackest Night and Brightest Day stuff we've been getting for the last year or so. ..so far. It's under the "Brightest Day" title, but I don't see how it's tied in yet. Yet.

There isn't too much action, but this is only the very beginning, and so far so good.

Anyway, I suggest you pick up this series, and maybe in a few days I'll do G.L.E.W. Review number two.
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