Green Lantern: 4 Reasons Why You CAN'T Hate It Yet

Green Lantern: 4 Reasons Why You CAN'T Hate It Yet

So People Have Been Talking About This Movie Like It Is Gonna Be Horrible Or Something Alas It Has Even Gotten a 2nd Trailer. Here are 4 Reason Why You CAN'T hate it yet.

Reason 1: It's A Fricking Green Lantern Movie.
How Long Have YOU Waited(heck even prayed) for a GL movie Huh? Well For Many People It Has Been A Long Wait and Now We are finally Getting a Green Lantern MOVIE! Green Lantern Has Been Around For A Long Time(I have no clue how long exactly but maybe you do!). Remember Back In 2006 when they were making a comedy GL movie but thank the lord it didn't happen because Jack Black Is Not Hal Jordan nor any human GL i have every considered. So When You Decide To Be A Troll And Hate It Just Remember Atleast We Re Getting A effin' movie.

Reason 2: There Isn't Even A Second Trailer.
Ok, So The 1st Trailer Was Shown on Entertainment Tonight and they only had a few short clips which made it look stupid but when it came to us in its glory on the internet it was awesome(i near soiled myself after see it.), But Some were not to pleased but you have to remember the CGI wasn't perfect because it had only been in Pre-Production for 2 months at the most so what do you expect. I Still think it looks good.

Reason 3: Mark Strong's Passion And Love For The Character Of Sinestro.
If You Haven't Watched Any Interviews of him talking about it then you need to.Strong's Passion Is the first thing to mention, Mark Strong Is A Damn good Actor and the way he interprets Sinestro is just amazing. And I Know We Haven't Heard Him Even Speak Yet as Sinestro But I'm Sure It will Be Amazing.

Reason 4: Ryan Reynolds
Ok, So some people have already decided to hate him as Hal....which makes no FRICKING sense because( reason 2 is my reason for this.), He Has Some Smart A$$ remarks in the 1st trailer but that doesn't mean he is gonna say something similar through the whole movie. And Another Thing is People Look At The Other Movies He Has Done And Jump To The Conclusion That He Will Be The same In GL, but he isn't, not every person acts the same in every movie(sure he has in others but i highly doubt he will be like that in GL.)
He Has Stated That He Got As Many Comics As He Could Of GL and read and read and read, which draws my conclusion that he will be good.

So Thats It....I Just Hope You All Won't Act Like Im Wrong Because of my opinion so be nice and have a good day
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