Green Lantern Actress Marcela Duarte Shares Thoughts and Set Pics

<i>Green Lantern</i> Actress Marcela Duarte Shares Thoughts and Set Pics

The actress and model reveals her role in the film and offers a play-by-play of her casting and filming.

Last night, we revealed that Brazilian actress and model Marcel Duarte had landed a role in Martin Campbell's Green Lantern. It appears she was only on the set for one day, and has updated her website explaining her experience with the production; she even managed to post a few more pictures.

Here's the info, translated to English from Ms. Duarte's blog:

"I'm super excited about what happened! Two weeks ago my agency called me: - Marcela, we will be doing a casting for a role in the Green Lantern film directed by Martin Campbell. The role will be "Beautiful girl" and if you have chosen to go to New Orleans team with actor Ryan Reynolds. "

Four days later, the nine-thirty at night I get a call from the owner of the agency telling me that I, among 600 actresses, was chosen by the director Martin Campbell to the role of "Beautiful Girl".

I was silent, in shock for about 10 seconds, trying to comprehend the enormity of it all. Given my silence she asked me "Are you OK?"
Imagine if I did not accept! I did not expect to be chosen!

I was in shock, not knowing what to expect from all this, because I never attended a production as great as this, I imagine?! In Hollywood!

Okay that would not speak, but only to have the experience to act with Ryan Reynolds and be directed by Martin Campbell ... priceless!

Four days later, a Monday at the airport I was going to New Orleans, straight into the studio to test makeup and hair, and to meet with director and actor Martin Ryan. We shot on Tuesday.

The production is simply HUGE, I have no words to describe the size of the soundstage, the number of people working, the more than 40 trailers lined up ... actors, directors, producers, camera.
I even had my own trailer!

While I waited to go to the set ...

I am impressed with the professionalism of all involved in this project. But do not wonder, because this is a super Hollywood production.

I had the pleasure to act with the actor in the movie, Ryan Reynolds. He besides being beautiful, is very nice!

I kept my mouth open watching him on stage. The guy is very good!

Besides having had the pleasure of being led by director Martin Campbell!

Producer, Marcela Duarte and director Martin Campbell.

Marcela Duarte and film producer.

Another thing that struck me is how the filming of a scene happens. To shoot a scene in the movie would last only 1 minute, it takes more than 5 hours. Between intervals for touch-ups in the makeup, change of scenery and costumes, replacement of cameras ... it's crazy.

There will never forget the moments I spent next to the FERAS Hollywood. It was unforgettable and I hope to be just the beginning of a great dream.


Marcela Duarte.

Spoiler Warning! (highlight below the text to see it)

By looking at the picture of Marcela with Campbell, my guess is that the scene she is in takes place in her apartment/loft.

These new photos of her ready to film show her wearing a towel over what appears to be a flesh-toned bodysuit (which is sometimes used for nude scenes)

My best guess here, using the original GL script as a reference, is that she's the girl Hal sleeps with at the beginning of the film. This tryst eventually causes the bar fight that was just filmed because the girl's boyfriend had walked in on her and Hal in bed.

Green Lantern continued filming today at Second Line Stages in New Orleans. You can see more information about the location HERE.

A crew member managed to snap this pic showing the construction of one of the sets:

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