Green Lantern Casting Additions

Green Lantern Casting Additions

Hal Jordan's younger brother and nephew join the fray in Martin Campbell's superhero film adaptation, Green Lantern

Filming on Green Lantern is almost wrapped, with a little less than two weeks left for principal photography. Though these casting additions have only now been revealed, it's more than likely the actors have already filmed their respective scenes.

Nick Jandl - Jim Jordan

The youngest Jordan brother, Jim is always supportive of his older brother Jack's political career. Initially reporter Sue Williams believed that Jim was really the Green Lantern and so sought to get Jim to expose his "secret". Whenever Jim tried to disprove her accusations, some involvement of the Green Lantern would cause Sue to doubt him, unknown to both that Green Lantern was secretly Jim's older brother Hal.

Dylan James - Jason Jordan

Second son of Jim Jordan, and nephew to Hal Jordan, Jason is a very outgoing and adventurous child; which drastically opposes his father's views. His knowledge and support of his uncle as a Green Lantern is a pivotal force that convinces his parents to move back to Coast City after it's destruction.

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