Green Lantern CinemaCon Footage Description

Green Lantern CinemaCon Footage Description

<i>Green Lantern</i> CinemaCon Footage Description

Check out a nice, detailed description of the Green Lantern footage that just debuted at the Warner Bros screening at CinemaCon..

The Warner Bros panel at CinemaCon has just screened footage from Martin Campbell's Green Lantern. The first trailer for the movie was met with a pretty mixed response from fans and critics alike, but almost everyone I have spoken to or read tweets from that attended the screening seemed to be very impressed indeed.

A few examples..

Alex Billington from was one such attendee, and was kind enough to give me beak down of the footage that he was shown..

We saw 4 scenes. First was Abin-Sur piloting his ship and being attacked by Parallax - was awesome. Then he ends up on Earth, next scene was Hal talking with Abin while he was dying. Scene seemed choppy, but he gives him ring. Next was him saying oath for the first time, then he goes to Oa immediately. Then we see him talking with Tomar-Re on Oa with Geoffrey Rush's voice and a GREAT looking very 'alive' CGI costume that looks MUCH better than the first trailer. Then we saw Sinestro addressing the Green Lantern Corps down in the core of Oa. Not fully finished but was great. Lots of other alien GLs seen there as there's a huge crowd of thousand of GLs and lots that people will totally geek out about. Won't spoil which ones. That was it plus a little montage of extra footage. I think it looks awesome, way way more excited than I was before this. Expect to see all of this footage at WonderCon, as it seemed hand picked for Green Lantern fans.

Many thanks to Alex, Green Lantern is set to hit theatres on June 17.

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