Green Lantern Concept Art: Kilowog, Tomar-Re & Abin Sur

<em>Green Lantern</em> Concept Art: Kilowog, Tomar-Re & Abin Sur

Only days after director Martin Campbell confirmed the appearances of three of the most well know Green Lanterns in the film, we get a taste of how they may look on screen.

Through a confidential source, Matt McGloin of has confirmed that these are in fact official concept art for the DC feature film Green Lantern.

Abin Sur & Tomar-Re


No actors have been linked to the roles yet, but with production officially starting March we should hear news very soon. The big question now is whether the studio wants these characters to be brought to the big screen solely with the use of CGI. If so, they might only be looking for voice talent and not actors of particular stature.

How do you feel about the way these characters should be handled for the film?

Many thanks to Matt and for this great info.

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