Green Lantern Movie to Feature DC's Department of Extranormal Operations

<i>Green Lantern</i> Movie to Feature DC's Department of Extranormal Operations

A recent casting addition to Martin Campbell's superhero adaptation reveals another fictional government agency's involvement.

Though it's already been established that the Green Lantern movie will not feature cameos of well known DC superheroes, that isn't stopping them from delving deep into DC Comics mythology.

One of the latest names added to the film's casting sheet is Armando Leduc. His role may be small, but it is very revealing. He will portray one of the movie's government agents from the Department of Extranormal Operations (or DEO for short).

The Department of Extranormal Operations has a considerable history in DC comics mythology. Their role is to monitor those with metahuman and supernatural powers and to prevent any threat to the general public. It's most prominent character is Mister Bones who, after many years as a low-level super villain, reformed and joined the superhero team Infinity, Inc. He later became the DEO's Regional Director for the Eastern Seaboard. In the late 90s, DC released a limited comic series titled CHASE which followed the story of a DEO agent, Cameron Chase.

What connection does the Department of Extranormal Operations have with our ring-slinging hero? Aside from routine monitoring of his activities in the United States, not much. In one storyline, though, rogue DEO agents convince Green Lantern to use his ring to scan various superheroes in an attempt to uncover a shape-shifting villain. In actuality, they were using the data Green Lantern acquired from the heroes for a villainous purpose. The rogue operation was eventually uncovered and dealt with by Green Lantern with the help of Director Bones.

With Checkmate, another fictional government agency, and it's director Amanda Waller (portrayed by Angela Bassett) already having a presence in the Green Lantern, how will the Department of Extranormal Operations fit in? After all, if Armando Leduc is playing the part of DEO Agent #2, he isn't going to be alone.

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