Green lantern Review (spoiler free)

Green lantern Review (spoiler free)

Are the negative reviews right about Green lantern?
I was lucky enough to see it last night at a special WB screnning in Londons Leicester square.
here is my spoiler free review

Hi guys, this is my first article so excuse any faux pas i make.

A was lucky enough to attend the WB special screening on green lantern yesterday evening.

After absorbing all the negative press floating around on the sit yesterday i thought i would give my view.

This is a spoiler free review so no real plot line will be given.

Ryan Reynold as Hal jordon, well starts out asslightly annoyning man child but you do connect with him. i think it has more to do with Reynolds screen presence than the character itself. I enjoy the humor he brings to a movie. I know Hal is not a comedian in the comics but for a running time of 114 mins its welcomed.

Mark Strong in My Oppinion is Sinestro. brilliant casting but however a very under used character in the whole film.
Hetor Hamond (Sarsgaard) for me was the only real let down character wise in this movie. He simply was not needed. His exclusion would have made more screen time for the rest of the GL corps.
the voice casting for both Tomar-Re and Kilowog were spot on. michael Clark Duncans drill sargent hard ass voice was great, and well Geoffrey Rush as Tomar-re 9whom also kind of narates the intro was haw i would imagine him to talk.

The Special effects are dazzeling in place as they are bad in others(helicopter scene). I am not a fan of the energy Suits and it irritated me throughout the whole film.The 3D was ok, but just ok.i would like to watch it on Blu ray as it would look awsome.
Oa was simply spectacular. Amazing work on the planet and the Gardians look imortal and regal on the GL home world.

Although the movie did seem to rush through, and there are betterorigin stories i did relly enjoy it, and so did the audiance juging by there reaction though the movie

in conclusion it is no Dark knight, but hell i had a good time watching it

i'll give it a solid 3/5

also stay afterthe credits

With an all star cast which includes Ryan Reynolds as Hal Jordan, Blake Lively as Carol Ferris and Mark Strong as Sinestro, director Martin Campbell's Green Lantern is set to be released in 3D this Friday
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